Judge Jeanine ANNIHILATES New World Order

What happens when a stunning upset to the unnatural order of things known as the globalization efforts of the New World Order takes place in the United Kingdom, and two days later Fox News’ spitfire judge has an open mic?  Watch:

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Brexit came about in UK for the same reason that Donald Trump became the Republican Party’s presidential candidate in the United States: the little people – the ones who get stepped on, their values impuned, their livelihoods destroyed for the benefit of the overlords, and a host of other social and cultural ills that all western nations are experiencing – HAVE HAD ENOUGH.  That’s it.  We’re done.  The lies from the mainstream media and “leadership” are not effective anymore.  We see through the propaganda.  And the Judge is right: what happened in Britain is hopefully going to happen in America (if the groundswell can out pace the voter fraud).  It is going to happen in other countries where the same issues will surface.  Europeans do not want Brussels making their laws.  Americans do not want the United Nations making ours.  But the reality of why this movement has gained so much steam so quickly:


It’s that simple.

2016 is the turning point one way or another in the globalization efforts of a few unelected oligarchs who have been busy getting rich and gaining power while the working man in formerly industrialized nations sinks slowly into abject poverty. Now that the “leadership” of the west is facilitating the import of millions of people who do not share the value systems that built the nations, and we are being told to “get off our high horse” and are being guilted into submission, the people have had enough.  The Brits want to be free of the yoke of Brussels.  Good for them.  With all luck the United States will follow suit in November.  Then we’ll see how the New World Order tries to rearrange the deck chairs.

P.S.  How about them polls, huh?  Anyone else wonder how many times they are going to be wrong before the Chicken Littles quit believing them?

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