Jordanian UN Official Criticizes Trump, Issues Threat To America


Prince Zeid Ra’ad al Hussein, the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, exercised some of the standard hypocrisy that has become a hallmark of the UN, criticizing and demeaning, though stopping just short of identifying Donald Trump by name. He did refer to Mr. Trump as the Republican front-runner so there can be no misunderstanding as to whom he was referring.

Many Americans, quite possibly Mr. Trump included, couldn’t care less about the UN and the worthless opinions of their operatives. We would just as soon they all took flying leaps off of the roof of their New York City landmark building, finally providing the service to mankind they’ve long professed but never produced. We’re not impressed by an assortment of elite globalist trash stroking other pieces of elite trash as they lecture their betters on the proper conduct to facilitate their invasion, takeover and pilferage. They are by and large a collection of self-absorbed criminals, maniacs and perverts. There is nothing high about any of their commissions or any other aspect of the UN but there is plenty that is low down.

The Jordanian, Prince Hussein, not to be confused with America’s Kenyan dictator, engaged in a tirade on Friday against the man who he fears is going to make America great again as president, Donald Trump. He titled his attack “The Road to Violence,” a not too thinly-veiled threat against the United States by the elites who believe it is their right to tell we Americans how to run our own affairs.

In a speech at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH, the Hussein said, “Bigotry is not proof of strong leadership. It is evidence of the lowest and most craven lack of faith in the principles that uphold a ‘land of the free’.”  He added, “Less than 150 miles away from where I speak, a front-running candidate to be President of this country declared, just a few months ago, his enthusiastic support for torture,… inflicting intolerable pain on people, in order to force them to deliver or invent information that they may not have.

His emphasis was in forcing them to deliver information that they do have, Hussein, once again the distortions of the globalists are being rained down on the students who lack the cognitive ability to recognize camel dung when they smell it.

He continued, “We have heard hateful slander of foreigners, and multiple candidates declaring their support for extensive and intrusive surveillance of people based on their religious beliefs – vast and discriminatory systems to single out and discriminate against Muslims.”

If Hussein were an honest man, this is the point where he would recognize that Muslims have a problem that isn’t going away. It’s the fact that they alone are the ones who blow up airplanes, buses, trains, airports, train stations, weddings, sporting events, shopping malls, cafes and restaurants. Any type of crowd is fair game and a suitable target; men, women or children, it makes no difference. They are also chief among the perpetrators of mass shootings while being only a relatively small percentage of the population. If he doesn’t like the fact that Donald Trump doesn’t pretend he can’t figure out who’s doing it, that’s his problem.

And while most Muslims aren’t presently actively engaged in terrorism, a large percentage are sympathetic and provide cover. By extension that makes them facilitators and terrorists as well. Brussels proves that is a huge part of the problem. His exalted Muslims are also not prone to assimilation and stubbornly attempt to convert the native Americans and Europeans over to their lifestyles rather than adopt or respect the culture of their host nation.

He said that as the world watches the GOP convention in Cleveland in July, it was his “deepest hope” that Americans would use it to demonstrate their profound understanding of human dignity and human rights. As Hussein sees it, that is to roll over to the Islamists, and reject the message of Donald Trump.

What the UN windbag fails to understand is that those are not the feelings of Donald Trump alone. They are his words that resonate and speak to the masses of Americans who feel exactly the same way, who are tired of being told to accommodate the minority, the foreigner and every special interest to the detriment of the American people. We don’t agree that diversity is necessarily an attribute, and we’re tired of surrendering when we could instead be winning, as America used to win.

He gave an ominous warning, a threat that the price for the “dangerously divisive” rhetoric would be paid by innocent people falling victim to violent acts, not by politicians. Is that his “peace-loving” Islamist brothers he’s referencing in his threats? Will he be leading those attacks on the infidels himself, ordering them from within the “High Commission,” or simply a delighted spectator witnessing with “deepest hope denied” what happens to the Americans when they dare to stand up and act like Americans, to resist being conquered.

When Americans act like Americans, the Islamists respond by dropping their charade, and acting like Islamists; proving Donald Trump, and the American people, are right once again. The threat is real, the naiveté is suicidal.

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