Johnson Homeland Security Charade Again Performing In The Senate, Clowns On Stage


Homeland “Security” Secretary Jeh Johnson testified on Tuesday before the Senate Homeland Security committee. How many times have we heard this numb nuts repeat the same excuses for the terrorism inside the United States that he and his party are responsible for? Who is it, Mr. Johnson, who is opening up our borders so that illegals, terrorists and anyone else who chooses to do so can simply waltz across? Who is it that’s tying up our border patrol doing counterproductive and meaningless administrative tasks. Who is ordering Border Agents to perform law-violating catch and release in order to induct foreigners rather than performing their duties in defense of our nation?

Who is it that is importing hundreds of thousands of jihadis into this nation knowing full well that they are not being vetting in any way that is anything close to sufficient, and doing so in defiance of the will of the American people? That’s you, Jihadi Jeh, and your anti-American comrade occupying our White House. You are the terrorists within.

The Senate hearings were titled, “Fifteen Years After 9/11: Threats to the Homeland,” and although he’s been in charge of the agency for less than three years, it’s clear that if this Islamic sympathizer and enabler were to be in power for another fifteen years he’d be making the same excuses for his failures and still not being held accountable for his innumerable unconstitutional attacks on the United States.

His song hasn’t changed much in the last two years from what was said on Tuesday. He drones on that “The threat has become one that includes not only terrorist-directed attacks but terrorist-inspired attacks.” Whenever there’s a microphone in front of him he plays the tape. He announces with a perverse appearance of pride the formulation of a new category of “terrorist enabled” attacks as if that is some kind of a major breakthrough or accomplishment.  Perhaps it’s because he’s done nothing but diminish our ability to fight terror that he felt compelled for some gimmicky statement of progress. It’s actually an acknowledgment of his failure but it gives him another excuse and that’s what matters.

johnson johnson

Looking at the picture of Johnson with Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI), who is up before the Wisconsin voters in November, it’s easy to see why nothing is done about DHS’ complete failure to act in the interest of the American people and their offenses against us.

Any belief that there is the proper adversarial relationship necessary to keep a rogue administration or agency in check is completely destroyed by the evidence of the photo and there are many more. Johnson has committed serious offenses against our nation, refusing to enforce and nullifying our laws. He belongs in a federal prison or worse. Instead they’re all smiles, congratulating each other on the amount of manure they spread, and planning lunch or some golf.

Those Americans who wonder why the supposed refugees are being imported in spite of our unanimous demands that they not can look at these two agents of the globalist takeover, the one who is doing the dirty work and the other that is letting him get away with it.

Johnson knows the Syrians and others aren’t and can’t be vetted. FBI director Comey and his assistant director for counterterrorism and many others have made the same statements. Yet since that time the quotas have been raised and the speed of processing greatly accelerated.

Johnson complains about the “more complicated homeland security and public safety environment” as he and his regime continue to bring in more and more threats to supposedly protect against day after day at an accelerated pace. He’s making excuses for not doing his job already, why add to the difficulty?

He rarely fails to repeat the claim, as he did in this instance, that the threats keep him up at night. Baloney, if they did, he would be doing something to prevent the attacks, not promoting them. The charade is nauseating. Maybe these ass clowns in the Senate are satisfied by having this anti-American traitor come in periodically and put on a show for the folks back home, but we’re not. What it is is more evidence of the pathetic nature of our supposed defenses against our enemies and the enemy within operating a successful diversion.

Do your jobs, boys. Get this guy behind bars, for starters or you’ll all likely find yourselves at a minimum employed in the private sector and hopefully joining Jihadi Jeh and Hussein Obama in experiencing some less-than-five-star federal accommodations.

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