Johnson Apologetic US Borders Not Wide Open , Claims He’s Enforcing The Law


In a speech at the Harvard John F. Kennedy Jr Forum published on March 22nd, DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson addressed the issue of immigration and the open borders that he claims don’t exist. Johnson is infamous for his failure to enforce immigration law, the distortion of the definition of a refugee in order to open a path to the American shadows for all comers, releasing convicted illegals repeatedly back into American society and going so far as to threaten CBP agents with termination should they dare violate his dictates by enforcing American immigration laws being just a few of his numerous offenses.

He sounds apologetic as he almost reluctantly admits that there is a border security element to immigration policy and that there has to because we don’t have open borders. He could also make that same statement, with a slight modification, that there has to be the appearance of border security, so that nobody realizes that we do, in fact, have open borders. Many would argue that would be a closer representation of the reality under his disastrous tenure.

In prefacing one of his many excuses for why he isn’t doing his job, Johnson says, “Central America is filled with poverty and violence right now,” inferring that they’re going to come no matter what and our border patrol is no match for the Central American civilians and children. He continues, “We all know about the kids, the families who have left Central America to come here.” Those are the ones he has declared to be pseudo-Americans in a bastardized interpretation of the historic international definition of a refugee.

He says, “I have encountered a seven-year-old who came here, on her own, to find her mother. I have encountered a fifteen or sixteen-year-old pregnant teenager who was impregnated on the route, along the way.” And we have all encountered a Democrat government bureaucrat basing their policy arguments upon anecdotal, nameless individuals and circumstances. We remember how the sea levels were all rising in far off nameless and unknown lands last year until the signing of the UN Climate Hoax agreement brought it to a sudden and miraculous halt.

Johnson must think the American people are fools, that we’d believe that a seven-year-old girl from Central America just sets out one day on a trip of hundreds of miles on her own to find her mother who is somewhere in “the shadows” of America. She probably came by coyote, possibly paid for with US taxpayer dollars arranged by the Democrats and most assuredly with Johnson’s blessing and enablement.  While she may have traveled alone at that point, which is reckless and dangerous, it is those who created the magnet who are responsible; the Democrats and complicit open borders Republicans, most notably, Jeh Johnson.

As for the teenage girl that was supposedly impregnated along the way, one has to wonder just how long that trip took. Did she get busy on the morning of day one and then start feeling funny after lunch time? The trip takes a few days to possibly as much as a couple of weeks. How did she know in time to peddle her sob story to the visiting Homeland Security Chief and what difference does it make? We Americans are not responsible for the reckless decisions of her or those who sent her on her way.

He goes on to make preemptive excuses for failing to enforce immigration law by qualifying “his duty” with variables that he and Obama designed and created for the purpose of providing themselves with a mechanism for violating their oaths to enforce the law. They established a false and unnecessary prioritization requirement.

He lies to the audience, saying, “We have the obligation to enforce the law ‘consistent with our priorities.’” That qualifier is not in his oath nor is it part of the statute. He goes on to declare his redrafted immigration laws stating, “Our priorities are public safety and border security.”

Public safety, as Johnson chooses to interpret his dictate, means that unless someone has committed a violent crime on our soil or is a known terrorist, the federal laws simply won’t be enforced as it relates to them. Who knows how he can even mention the second point, border security, with a standing order not to arrest border crossers and gaping areas where agents aren’t allowed to patrol. Those areas are often the exclusive domain of cartels trafficking in humans, drugs and who knows what else.

Johnson has perverted and deliberately clogged the expanded immigration courts, modified to accommodate the newly redefined “refugees.” Now virtually every non-Mexican, non-American person who is not an adult male, and many who are, has a shot at “asylum,” aka stealth amnesty.

As abhorrent and dismal as his record is, Johnson still apologizes for the small degree to which he actually does his job in the area of immigration; those criminals who are “priorities” and for whom he’s run out of available methods to thwart the law and being forced to send them back.

He asks, “Is it pleasant?” Absolutely not, “But as long as we have the obligation to enforce the law, we must enforce the law.” We can’t have open borders.”

He doesn’t, under his lawless administration, recognize any obligation to enforce the law and we do have open borders to a large degree. He’s not lying to these college kids for their sake, it’s for the folks dealing with the mess he and Obama are dumping on us. Those who will hopefully be in power when his outlaw regime leaves, and who will hold him accountable.


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