John Kerry ISIS On The Run – Same-Day As German Attack


John Kerry is announcing their success. ISIS has now been sufficiently strengthened through the time afforded them by their own inaction that they are ready to force them into global operations. The regime and their European globalist allies have assisted in creating the network throughout the EU and now into the United States under the guise of refugees. They are now moving into a more active posture.

After a full day of running his mouth in a DC meeting with foreign and defense ministers who were doing the same thing as members of the “counter-Daesh coalition,” [conveniently avoiding the word Islamic] Kerry announced their conclusion. Once again, ISIS is on the run, and once again a terror attack coincided with that announcement; this time in Germany.

Kerry said there is “extraordinary breadth of agreement about the strategy…and the direction ahead.” He added, “Today we can say that the tide has turned. Our coalition and partners on the ground have driven Daesh [ISIS] out of nearly 50 percent of the territory that it once controlled in Iraq and 20 percent of the territory in Syria, where it’s obviously more complicated because we don’t have the same forces on the ground.”

He credited coalition airstrikes with “degrading” ISIS leadership and their ability to carry out offensive military operations, stating that they are shrinking and moving “backwards.”

He left the part about them moving backwards into Europe and the US as refugees out of his statement. Kerry said later, “We’re making progress, but we want to make more and we want to do it faster.” They want to be able to be able to claim when their tenure in power mercifully ends in January that they had ISIS defeated in their breeding ground. We’ll be told the global areas of operation that the regime created are someone else’s problem.


Kerry said, “We also know that getting at it in its core areas is obviously a challenge and we’re going to prepare carefully and we’re going to proceed relentlessly, but I’m confident that we are going to succeed and we’re going to – what do I mean by that? We’re going to deprive Daesh of its geographical base and we’re going to strike a heavy blow against that organization in those two areas where it had most secured territory and from which it was announcing its caliphate.”

Eliminating those areas that they handed to them on a silver platter during their formative years is enough to give them a clean slate historically, at least from their perverse vantage point.

Kerry admitted that the Obama regime, which included Hillary Clinton, is responsible for the global nature of the terrorist organization they created, saying, “Daesh will still remain dangerous. And the reason is, they have dispersed people over the course of a number of years to various countries.” That number of years is roughly three, all of it with Obama and either Kerry or Clinton sitting around, watching them grow, assisting wherever possible and putting on a charade of a war against them.

Secretary of State Obvious then announced what everyone else has known for a long time, “So even as it is losing ground in the Middle East, we know already that they’re going to try to transform themselves into a global terrorist organization, network capable of orchestrating attacks, as we have seen in various places. And that is also going to take time and is hard work.”

They’re not going to try as Kerry tries to pretend, they’ve been trying since their inception and had great success with the help of the Obama operatives.  They’re going to continue their efforts to install their caliphate, with or without the Obama/Kerry/Clinton assistance.

He added that “radicalization” can result from a variety of causes, including one’s “mental state.” Wouldn’t one’s mental state be involved in every decision to blow yourself up or commit mass murder? Doesn’t that go without saying?

He went on to repeat their stubborn adherence to open borders, global communism and mass importation of Islamists, including terrorists and sympathizers based upon his distorted “principles.”

The basic human principle of self-preservation wasn’t on his list and according to him has no place on ours.

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