John Bolton On Hillary Emails: Grand Jury Is Unavoidable

John Bolton Hillary email

Somewhere in the recent past, this writer heard a truism about the American public that somewhat applies to the Hillary Clinton email scandal: what Americans really are fascinated with is the process.  (This would explain the longevity of serial whodunnit television programming, Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys, and, well, Scooby-Doo.)   What we are really enraptured by is justice being achieved.  And in the case of the First Family of Grifters, Bill and Hillary Clinton, the American people have been waiting longer than all those people who actually watched “How I Met Your Mother” from beginning to end.

Now that the 2016 presidential primary voting is underway, and the steady drip, drip, drip of bad news about Mrs. Clinton’s communication practices while secretary of state have slowly turned into a deluge, the reality that the woman willfully and knowingly broke the law all while not being under the eye of an inspector general (or any other impartial watchdog)  as is proscribed can no longer be denied, or explained away.

One man who understands the full implications of what Hillary Clinton did and did not do thanks to previous experience in government is former Ambassador to the UN (and this writer’s choice for the position to be vacated by John Kerry who might ineffective, but at least is following legal email practices as far as we know) John Bolton.  He talked about it all with FoxNews’ alpha female bullgog Greta van Susteren.

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To answer the question on whether or not the steady drip, drip, drip is making a difference in Hillary Clinton’s bid to be the Democratic nominee for president, the answer is a pretty obvious yes.  However, it is the rest of the assertions that should catch the attention of people following this story: without any sort of indictment attempt, the Justice Department not charging the woman looks really political when so many people have gone to prison for doing so much less.  As such, a grand jury to hear the evidence in the case and decide if there is enough to charge Hillary is really the way to go.

At least, we the people hope so.  We’ve been waiting for the Grifters to be exposed for a long time.

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