Jeh Johnson – Sucking Up To Potential Terrorists Most Important Mission At DHS


Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson has an agenda which involves the furtherance of global Marxism, one that he shares with Hussein Obama and George Soros. He also shares their desire and drive to spread Islam all across the world, including the North American Caliphate in what is presently known as the United States.

It’s not surprising or unusual for him to tell only part of the story, the part that won’t lead to questions about his motivations and goals. He’s spoon fed information and parsed every word, especially in Congressional hearings, since he stepped into the position as DHS Chief.

In his March 21st Speech at Harvard, Johnson touted his CVE efforts, “Countering Violent Extremism,” what everybody else who isn’t part of the pro-Muslim effort to transform America labels as Countering Islamic Terrorism. Johnson also involves himself with “countering the truth” as part of his position. He describes his CVE efforts as “Working with communities, mostly American Muslim communities, and I do this myself, across the country, to build bridges with American Muslim communities and to help them counter the message in their communities of the Islamic State.”

That concentrated personal effort might, aside from revealing a probable personal stake in those Muslim communities, be a reliable indicator of where he recognizes the threat of terrorism to exist. He’s not in the Jewish or Christian neighborhoods on a weekly basis conducting his outreach. The problem is in the Muslim communities and it’s serious enough to be worthy of his personal interaction, his personal presence and his time.

It’s more than a little disingenuous for him and the Marxist Obama regime to refuse to label the extremism as being Islamic and then devote such a large amount of time and resources to public relations solely with Muslims. Either he recognizes the Islamic component is a tinderbox and isn’t honest enough to admit it or he’s creating a premise upon which to redistribute our assets while assigning more preferences and protections to the ever-agitated Islamists.

He says they’ve established grants, American money once again dedicated to coddling the difficult and sometimes violent foreigners. He says that to him, it’s as important as any Homeland Security mission. Again, describing assigning hurt feelings babysitters to contrarian communities as being the most important program indicates he’s fully aware of the Islamic threat, they just won’t admit to it. They’ve got their reasons.

Just as Hussein Obama can’t make a speech without in some way finding it to be an “appropriate” time to defend Islam and “who we are,” Johnson can’t resist telling the students we can’t build a wall on the southern border and that the evil Donald Trump is the lone individual in the race that he has targeted for a response to their campaign rhetoric. Mr. Trump should wear that distinction, coming from this apologist and enabler of terrorism, as a badge of honor.

He describes a visit to the ADAMS center mosque in Virginia, without naming it, that he made less than a week after the San Bernardino Islamic terror attacks. It was a return trip and he makes it a point to mention that the first time he was there there were boy scouts and girl scouts all over the place and they even said the pledge of allegiance. He didn’t mention whether they were there the second time nor did he bring up them playing baseball, choking down apple pie or having arrived in their Chevys. We get the message, Johnson; they’re just as American as any of us. But that’s not necessarily true.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, who reported on the Johnson visit at the time, the mosque is the “All Dulles Area Muslim Society, also known as the ADAMS Center.” They described the nature of his visit, saying, “The secretary will be joined by the center’s religious director, Imam Mohamed Magid, who serves as a leading member of an Islamic organization long suspected of having ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. Johnson will speak at the ADAMS Center along with Magid about efforts to protect the Muslim community from hate speech in the wake of a deadly mass shooting in San Bernardino.”

What Johnson labels as a “show of unity with the American Muslim community,” smells a lot like more of his liberal pandering to a preferred, hostile and disruptive segment of the population. It looks like hob-knobbing with terrorists or, as John McCain would label them, freedom fighters. Protecting the Muslim Community, as the Free Beacon puts it, is part of what he describes as his most important Homeland Security mission. It’s certainly more important than securing the borders or enforcing our laws.

He visited the mosque just before Attorney General Loretta Lynch made her asinine comments about her greatest fear being retaliation against Muslims rather than another attack on Americans.  If he didn’t recognize there is a Muslim commonality to the terrorism why is he visiting mosques personally, all across the country as he says? Further, if he recognizes the problem, why is he minimizing the Islamic component? Who does this Homeland Security Secretary work for?

One thing is certain; it’s not the American people, at least, not the white or black American people.