Islamist Threw Temper-Tantrum Over Bacon Aroma Coming From A Cafe…Here’s The Outcome

Bacon…ahh, bacon. One of the few scents that no chorus or choir member will ever complain about the person next to them smelling like (unlike perfume, mothballs, and plain old ripeness).  Well, there is one group among us who claim that the heavenly aroma of frying pork belly makes them physically ill.  They are the followers of Muhammad, or, simply, muslims.

Across the pond, in a town called Cale Green, Stockport, (somewhere in United Kingdom) a couple, Beverly and Cetin Akciecek (he’s a Turkish muslim) were the objects of complaints from their friendly neighborhood Islamists when the ventilation and exhaust fan in their cafe kitchen flooded the air around the building with the smell of bacon.  From the Daily Mail:

They claim they received no complaints about the cafe, which is open from 7.30am-2.30pm six days a week, until around eighteen months ago.

They received a letter from environmental services to say their neighbour Graham Webb-Lee had complained about the smell….

He said: ‘This is disgraceful. It makes our house stink of vile cooking smells, we can’t eat our breakfast in the morning. I will be speaking to my lawyer.’

He previously said: ‘The vent is 12 inches from my front door. Every morning the smell of bacon comes through and makes me physically sick.

‘I have a lot of Muslim friends. They refuse to visit me any more because they can’t stand the smell of bacon.’

According to the Akcieceks, their muslim friends visit all the time and have no problem with bacon in the air.  Mr. Webb-Lee, though, objected strongly enough to the local town council that the Akcieceks were forced to quit using their ventilation fan that had been in the building for decades, and replace it.  When they did so, the couple did not apply for a work permit, and were told they would need to do that retroactively, to which Mr. Webb-Lee also objected.  This whole fight, naturally, cost the Akcieceks time and money, and has been a stress contributor to their home life with their seven children.

This week, the inspection team granted the Akcieceks exactly what they needed: the ability to use their extractor fan AND a five thousand pound cash settlement to pay their legal bills.

Mrs Akciecek, a mother of seven, said: ‘This is a victory for common sense but we shouldn’t have been put through this in the first place. We had lots of support from the Muslim community. They were infuriated.’

Common sense indeed…and the pushback we need to see where ever the disciples of Muhammad make ridiculous demands.

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