Islamists Give Americans A GREAT Reason To Vote For Donald Trump – WATCH

Sometimes the people forget that the internet, like a diamond, is forever.

Earlier this year, an Islamist propaganda video was combined with some rhetoric about the base truths that Donald Trump speaks and so many do not want to hear.  The result was a video that in and of itself is going viral a couple months later.   In it, the people of Michigan, specifically Islamists who live there in community in the Detroit metro region, have a message for America if we elect Donald Trump.  Just the first two or three minutes will be enough. (The whole thing degenerates after that.)

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The followers of Islam and those desiring the enshrining of Sharia Law in the United States (that ploy was struck down in court recently) are hellbent on using our own laws against us.  Specifically the first amendment and the freedom of speech and of the press and the free exercise of religion.  So long as any or all of these rights do not impact the rights of everyone else, anyone can participate in American life without a problem.

However, when that line is crossed, which muslims do on a regular basis in an “in your face” bullying so they get their way manner, that is when we Americans have a problem.  That is what is happening in Michigan, and that is why it is vital Americans take the Islamists at their word: they are willing to leave if Donald Trump is elected president.

And we thought getting rid of Barbra Streisand was a bonus.  (Highly overrated vocalist, and obnoxious brat to boot.)

Whether or not this actually comes to pass is another matter.  As for living peacefully side by side…for over 200 years, before immigration from Islamic lands was a significant percentage of those coming to live here, we did just fine aside from the more rowdy of the shanty-town inhabitants.  Funny how that changed when the followers of Islam started to move in.

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