ISIS Weapons Lab Footage A “Gold Mine”: Jihadis Made Heat Seeking Missiles

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Little did Britain’s Sky News know what they had when what is left of the Free Syrian Army passed on to them hours worth of footage from what is being called “Jihad University” captured from an ISIS trainer on his way to Europe through Turkey.  A former member of the British Special Forces reviewed the videos and came away with a chilling conclusion: ISIS has become the technically most sophisticated terrorist group in the history of the world, and their improvising of munitions has lead to them having military grade weapons.

The trademark flag-waving masked gunmen I’d expected to see were replaced with clean-shaven, technically adept and highly trained weapons specialists giving expert tuition in how to turn obsolete munitions and ammunition into state-of-the art weapon systems.

Without doubt, the most chilling aspect of watching this training video was the unprecedented levels of technical expertise and ingenuity of those weapons engineers…

What this video shows is that ISIS are leagues ahead of their terrorist predecessors.

Their advanced knowledge of weapons engineering, coupled with their seemingly limitless ability to reverse engineer and recondition weapons (which until now intelligence agencies had considered obsolete and beyond repair) kept me awake all night.

The shocking footage of the improvised fighter jet rocket demonstrated the ISIS instructors advanced understanding of every part of the missile’s highly intricate array of components.

Terrifyingly, those components: the seeker unit, infra-red homing radar, and all the other complex avionics that control the missile and its deadly explosive payload, had all been modified to turn the obsolete munition into a deadly remote controlled surface to air missile that could be fired against a range of aircraft such as helicopters, low flying jets and unmanned aerial vehicles.

The ability to reverse engineer and modify advanced weapons of this type, is something no terrorist group has ever achieved.

J-V team?  Uh, Barack Obama, Josh Earnest and the rest of the White House communications team, these guys done skipped the varsity, and graduated to the pros.

According to Major Chris Hunter, the writer of the piece in Sky News, ISIS, or Daesh, shows all the signs of being a cohesive military without being one.  This information on how to improvise “obsolete” munitions and turn them into working order, remote control detonated devices complete with radar evading fake humans driving, and more is available to jihadis of all stripes.  They are turning the lone wolves into MacGyvers extraordinaire.

In addition to the development of heat seeking missiles, and possession of chemical weapons, ISIS has achieved capability in getting around thermal battery storage, which has been an issue in their effectiveness.  All of this capability points to ISIS being able to do serious damage to commercial aircraft among other targets.  The assumption is that the terror organization is planning massive attacks on the west as the videos reveal “the stuff of nightmares” western intelligence never dreamed ISIS could come up with on their own.  An ISIS defector confirmed this.

An ISIS defector in Turkey told Sky News that a top secret training program was known about in Raqqa, his home town. He confirmed the program was designed to carry out attacks in Europe and further afield.

Putting the pieces together in the footage, Sky News did figure out that Jihadi University is in Raqqa in Syria.  ISIS has quite a collection of scientists and weapons experts making the improvisations that are increasing their destructive capability.  The videos themselves have been turned over to intelligence sources, and were proclaimed “a gold mine.”  (Let’s just hope the EPA doesn’t get a hold of this particular “gold mine.”)

More information at American Thinker.

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