Are You On An ISIS Kill List? Here Is How You Can Find Out…


Are You On An ISIS Kill List? Here Is How You Can Find Out…

Since Obama’s reign as “liar and cheat”, our country has never been worse off. Especially when it comes down to terror threats upon our states, cities, neighborhoods, military and police.

Everyday Americans are living in the nightmare of being on an actual kill list created by ISIS.

The video below shows an interview with a wife of an Army officer who was told she is on the ISIS kill list. The Army called her to alert her, but couldn’t give her any more information, then they hung up. That was it!

In April, reported that thousands of New Yorkers were being informed by NYPD detectives that their names have appeared on a list of “potential targets.” One person contacted by the NYPD told Fox she had no idea why her name would be on an ISIS list, but said police told her to report anything suspicious, including any anomalies in her banking and credit transactions.

Chad Jenkins, a former FBI counter terrorism agent, said, “If we aren’t notifying private citizens that is a disservice. If we’re not then we need to be asking those questions as fellow Americans why that’s not being done right now, especially with the evolving threat that we have seen so recently from ISIS-inspired and ISIS themselves here in America.”

Pro ISIS hackers released a list of the names of 8,300 American citizens. It included the names, phone numbers and addresses of people mainly living in California, Florida, New York and Texas. It instructs lone wolf jihadists and radicalized followers to distribute the lists and target these everyday citizens for death.

“I would be very very shocked if the FBI was not taking this seriously,” Jenkins said.

Lets hope he is right.

To see if you or a loved one is on an ISIS kill list, go to or call your local FBI.





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