IRS Puzzle: Getting Illegal Aliens To Pay Taxes Without Arresting Them

Just when we all start to wonder what in God’s green earth is going on in this country, a government agency incites facepalms and headbanging.  See, at the IRS, there is a conundrum…it seems that multitudes of “undocumented workers” are using stolen social security numbers to file taxes, and the IRS doesn’t want to discourage the tax payments, but doesn’t want these people strung up for fraud or identity theft, either.

Stop the Santa Maria, Niña, Pinta, and the Mayflower…I wanna jump ship.

When undocumented workers use other people’s SSNs to get jobs and then file their taxes using their IRS-issued individual tax identification numbers, “it’s in everybody’s interest to have them pay the taxes they owe,” Koskinen said Tuesday at a Senate Finance Committee hearing.

The question is whether the Social Security numbers have been stolen. In many cases, they have been borrowed from friends or acquaintances with permission, Koskinen said.

“It’s not the normal identity-theft situation,” he said.

It’s not identity theft if someone paying taxes, but it is if they open credit card accounts, and get contract cell phones…okay.

It seems that IRS Commissioner John Koskinen was called before a congressional committee to answer questions regarding fraud discovered by the Department of Treasury’s Inspector General for Tax Administration.  Rep. Dan Coates (R-Ind.) asked the question, and that was the totally unreal answer he got.

His office learned that the IRS is processing tax returns with false W-2 information, “and it issues refunds as if they were routine tax returns.” His office also learned that the IRS ignores Social Security Administration notifications of names and numbers that don’t match up.

Which begs the question, does the IRS actually work with any other agency?

At this time, Treasury’s Inspector General, Russell George, is looking into the issue since the IRS is prohibited from informing the actual owners of social security numbers that someone else is using theirs.  When such incidents are done through a workplace, it is actually the employer who is responsible, but friends and family?

Really, this is okay with the IRS since, in the end, they get the revenue.

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