Iraqi Threatens Death To Texans Who Refuse Taking A Quran, TX Law Ignores PC And Reacts

Iraqi Threatens Death To Texans Who Refuse Taking A Quran, TX Law Ignores PC


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Peshwaz Azad Waise, 28, from Iraq, tried to pull off a threatening move on several people in Denton, Texas. He was handing out the Quran and forcing people to take it. If they didn’t want it, he hurled insane, verbal threats at them. Threats such as imposing the death penalty on citizens who refused to take copies of the Quran from him.

This wasn’t the first time he acted out. The police had visited him a few times the night before on accounts of speaking irrationally and making comments about God and Allah. Since Waise wasn’t violating any laws, they couldn’t arrest him until he shouted threats on other people.

According to the 5NBCDFW report, University of North Texas police were later called to a disturbance at the IHOP restaurant on the southeast side of campus. Waise was seen speaking “irrationally.” Police didn’t reveal what he said, but they did confirm he was issued a notice of trespassing and asked to leave UNT property.

The next morning, he went into the Texas Health Presbyterian Woman’s Hospital and insisted they take the Quran from him and give it to the hospital’s Chaplin or “die”.  According to his arrest affidavit, Waise also told an employee that the hospital would “go down.”

Then, Waise walks inside the courthouse yelling terrorist threats. Police arrest him and stated,”Waise told deputies he was “the king”. He became agitated as he was escorted out of the building and detained. It was at that moment, Waise told deputies, “I’m imposing the death penalty.” Then he shouts, “anyone who touches me is going to bleed.”

He’s being held in Denton County Jail.

Waise’s passport proves he’s from Iraq.

No weapons or bombs were found in his car which has VA  license plates and it’s unclear why he came to North Texas. Investigations are ongoing at this time.

I commend the citizens for their vigilance and common sense for taking quick action by contacting  authorities to report his actual threats of Islam extremism.

Terrorism is present in our homeland. We are at war with it and must be forthright at all times.


H/T:  Gateway Pundit