Insider Reveals Ted Cruz, Amanda Carpenter Plotted Carson Hit Using CNN As Front


Bill Still reports on a Ted Cruz insider, a professional, long-time political operative, who found the dirty tricks of the Cruz campaign and what he described as a “Jonestown” cultish system as being just too much. He’s blowing the whistle on the dirtiest campaign he’s ever had the misfortune to be associated with. After 24 years in the business, the Cruz campaign is the first that was so dirty he had to quit, washing his hands, so to speak, of its filth.

The veracity of the whistleblower was verified by a copy of his offer of employment from the Cruz campaign as well as a copy of a pay stub.

Most damaging to the image of “Mr. Religion,” Ted Cruz, the insider reveals that the plot to rob Ben Carson of his delegates was actually hatched two weeks prior to the Iowa caucus, by Amanda Carpenter, reportedly one of his romantic liaisons and a reporter at CNN.

He reports that since the attempts to bring Trump down had failed, the plan evolved to one of attacking his family and staffers. He also reveals a “Red Wedding” plan to take him down in Cleveland at the convention.

He also tweeted that the campaign is run “similarly to Jonestown.” He explained that “Even though Cruz is lying constantly, and doing all sorts of dirty deeds, the staff is told that only he, Cruz, is a true conservative and since the ends are noble, namely Cruz becoming the president, then any means can be excused. The staff knows this is wrong but they are afraid to question it.

The ends justifying the means is a Marxist principle embraced by Saul Alinsky. The similarities between Obama and Cruz just keep piling up.

In the second video Still describes that the plan to defraud Carson out of his delegate votes was hatched by Amanda Carpenter, a former Cruz employee who was then working at CNN. He notes how the plan was successful not only in denying the delegates to Carson, but many of them ended up going to Cruz.

The insider described the call center employees spending their days making calls in which lies were told about both Donald Trump and Senator Rubio as a matter of routine. He said he bit his tongue until a plan was hatched around some internal polling that showed Carson with a surprisingly high number of delegates, much higher than what CNN and FOX were reporting. He said “The kicker was that a majority of Carson supporters had Cruz as their second choice.” That was when the plan to lie about Carson dropping out was hatched. It was coordinated with Carpenter in her position at CNN and was her idea to begin with.

The whistleblower said, “I strongly opposed this but they decided they were going to do it anyway, so I quit January 18th.

Even more damning for the hypocritical supposed man of God, who places himself above his fellow mere mortals, in addition to the revelation that he operates his campaign as a sort of Jonestown, where the end justifies the means, is the verification of the claims of Cruz and his affairs by the National Enquirer are true.

The entire “sniveling coward” and “leave Heidi alone” speech, as well as countless other denials and attacks on those who dared to ask the questions were lies on the part of “Lyin’ Ted.” Carly Fiorina also lied straight faced on his behalf.

The insider said, “It’s 100% true that he has affairs. All top-level staffers got an email directly from Heidi Cruz saying that she knew about it and it was okay and for us not to concern ourselves with it.” It’s also worth mentioning that Carpenter is reportedly one of the Cruz girls in the National Enquirer expose as well as the founder of the #nevertrump effort and the blacklist for those supporting Donald Trump.

What happened to Saint Ted, the outsider sent to rescue us from the political cesspool? He’s swimming laps in it and his zombie supporters are drowning in his filth.

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