Incredible Vanishing Clinton Cancels Fundraiser – Where Is She This Time?


There is definitely something amiss with the Clinton campaign. The one absolute that can always be accepted as a certainty is that the Clintons answer the call of big money. When that call goes unanswered and money is left on the table, that is a sure sign of trouble.

Hillary Clinton was supposed to be the guest of honor at a function in North Carolina hosted by two Democrat fat cats, Betty Craven and Michael Warner, at their home in Chapel Hill. Some of the most wealthy and influential Democrats in the state were scheduled to attend.

According to CBS North Carolina, Mrs. Clinton has now postponed the event without providing any explanation. This will undoubtedly feed the growing speculation that her health is failing her and she simply can’t function.

In her most recent public event, a speech in Pennsylvania at Temple University, Mrs. Clinton’s eyes can be seen diverging, not moving in unison and not always pointing in the same direction. It’s particularly noticeable when she is looking to the far extreme in either direction.

She appeared almost talking in her sleep, barely able to function in an interview aboard her airplane at around 11pm Saturday night when addressing the terrorist strikes of earlier in the evening.

Her calendar was blank yesterday, with no functions scheduled after the Temple speech for the six days leading up to the debate. She now appears to be matching her travel to her itinerary.  The event was promoted as a nausea-inducing “lunch with Hillary Rodham Clinton.” The price of indigestion and admission ranged from $2,700, where you’d be lucky to get an open-mouthed smile and a finger point to within easy-burping distance at $100,000.

Breitbart reports that she has another event that did not previously appear on her calendar, an intimate gathering with a few people that she refers to as a rally on Wednesday in Orlando, FL. It is unknown whether or not Seddique Mateen, father of the Orlando terrorist, received another invitation to join his candidate on stage.

The speculation is that she is resting at her home in Chappaqua, NY. She’s had a rough week and is in failing health, so she could use the rest. Monday’s debate will take place at Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY. The word is that she’ll do her best to make it, if she can.

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