ELECTION FRAUD: The Most Important Video EVER

Election fraud in the United States is a fact of life. The mainstream media may deny it, and claim that no case has ever been proven, but eyewitness accounts tell us that this is the case.  Not only that, but more then one election had an outcome that so differed from empirical rally and enthusiasm evidence, that claims of candidates being robbed are considered to be probable, but unprovable.  Until now.

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Selling Election Fraud

In a year that has given us one leak and undercover video after another exposing collusion in media messaging between one major political party and those who disseminate information, yet another brave American by the name of Bev Harris tried her darndest to go undercover and bring Americans a view of what happens behind the scenes at election headquarters in various counties, specifically in Tennessee.  Bottom line: cameras are NOT ALLOWED in where computers that count the votes are kept.  Public access to the process is strictly controlled leaving all sorts of room for election fraud as there are no neutral eyes on the counting.

To make matters more obscene, the software that came with all the newfangled voting machines has now gone commercial.  Harris’s website, Black Box Voting, has a good explanation, but for a demonstration, check out this video.  Yes, it’s long, but the viewer can watch how votes can be manipulated in real time.

[arve url=”https://youtu.be/Fob-AGgZn44″ title=”Election Fraud Demonstration from Black Box Voting” description=”Election fraud goes commercial with software that uses banking and finance moves.”]

For those out there who thought that every vote is counted…sorry to disappoint, but it looks like election fraud is starting to be mainstreamed with computers and a simple percentage formula like one would make up for an Excel spreadsheet.  Considering the number of states where this software is used…look out.

This video, showing that the manipulation can be at the precinct level, does lend credence to something Karl Rove and other professional politicos have to say: it only takes a handful of precincts to flip an election.  The fraction action is done by precinct.  Just like election returns are reported.  (Can you say RIGGED?)

If ever there was a demonstration of why we should be using paper ballots and they should be counted in full view of the public and live streamed to constituents, this is it.  Losing an election is palatable if the count is honest.  This level of election fraud, on the other hand, is beyond maddening.next page

Additional analysis from Alex Jones available here.

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