“I’m SO PISSED!” Lt. Gen. Flynn Blows His Cool

Retired Lt. General Mike Flynn might have been passed over for vice president in a Donald Trump presidency, but the man certainly is not going to ride off into the sunset.  Being the veteran in intelligence affairs that he is, Flynn is very much the go to man for Fox News after terrorist attacks.

Thursday evening, following the horrific terrorist mass murder by truck in Nice, France, Gen. Flynn was welcomed on Megyn Kelly’s show and gave one of the most spirited statements regarding the incident to be heard.

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Well, it seems that when Gen. Flynn gets upset, his normally smooth delivery goes out the window.  Good.  That means he’s human.  However, his larger point is correct: if Islam is really so peaceful, the leaders of the countries in the Middle East who have some backbone and pull need to condemn this sort of violence.  Since he is the man with the contacts and intelligence experience his judgement on who that should be should not be second guessed.

If what Flynn says is true – that the Islamic foot soldiers are talking amongst themselves about Thursday’s attack and are applauding the efforts of the jihadi – then it is natural that we should expect more of these attacks in the near future.

“We Are Foolish”

Flynn is right on one count: Islam, radical or not, has declared war on the west.  They have and we in the west are very reluctant to admit that in addition to the reality that the guilt and crocodile tears shed by Islamists every time there is a slight, real or imagined, is all part and parcel of THEIR war tactics.  Hundreds of years ago, it took armies to push the “Turks,” as they were known then, back.  After all this time, Islam has not changed.  That is something that needs to be recognized.  When it comes down to it, Islam can be defeated, but it is going to take a wide, collective effort to do that, and it just doesn’t seem to be happening.

And Flynn is right on another front.  Americans are not a people that remembers well.  At least not those who are easily led.  The collective consciousness follows entirely too many shiny red balls, and the mainstream media just perpetuates that.

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