Illegals Lead Wendy’s Boycott For Not Surrendering To Extortion


Picket lines and a demonstration marked a Sunday call for a national boycott of Wendy’s restaurants, as the fast food chain has refused to cave in to the extortion demands of a Florida group called the Coalition of Immokalee Workers. The tomato picker labor organization is kicking off what they describe as their “month of outrage” against “the only holdout” that prevents them from having their demands met. At issue is a demand for a one-cent per pound wage increase.

Supposedly, their group merely wants to provide humane wages and human rights protections for farm workers. But if the workers are contracted under a visa, their wages are already established. If they are legally in the US they, just as citizens and legal aliens in any other industry, are free to shop their skills to the degree that supply and demand permits.

The demands and threats are familiar. Questionable human rights claims combined with other promises they make that the employers ultimately get stuck paying for, are a frequent favorite of the Marxist agitators such as La Raza, the ACLU and their comrades and offshoots. Additionally, sexual abuse and other crimes that employers or others might commit against workers are illegal and every local law enforcement agency will prosecute those cases. This is about money for the picketers and power and money for the “labor” organization. The humane conditions component is a thinly-veiled threat of legal action designed to elicit cooperation on the money component and garner public sympathy. None of them look overworked; maybe if some of the more “tomato-shaped” workers tried moving a little faster they’d make that extra money they’re trying to strong-arm out of their customers.

Their demonstration is a last ditch attempt to guilt, shame and pressure the fast food chain into accepting their demands. One farm worker of ten years, identified as Leo, said, “The people of Naples need to hear that Wendy’s keeps ignoring the voice of the worker.”

Mary Pautz, who presented herself as a volunteer of 15 years with the Coalition of Immokalee workers, said, “They tend to have to pick 2 ½ tons each day to make minimum wage, and a penny a pound would make a huge difference for them.” Who volunteers for 15 years? Is she illegal too or just being paid under the table?

Could it be that the demonstrators are feeling the pressure of the unrestricted open borders that they have themselves exploited in the fact that a labor glut has diminished their own value, just as it has with the American workers? Supply and demand will dictate their worth in the marketplace and the fact that they are resorting to organizing indicates that the marketplace does not justify an increase. If they don’t want to work for what the employer is willing to pay, there is another right behind them who will.

The employers are most likely breaking the law in hiring the workers who, as evidenced by the fact that most don’t speak English, are obviously not Americans. If our hijacked government were enforcing our immigration laws, the balance that previously existed in the workplace between the number of employees needed and those imported would still exist.

The tactic of picketing and boycotting their customer has backfired and it could draw unwanted attention to their employer’s hiring practices, if not under the corrupt Jeh Johnson DHS, most assuredly under a Donald Trump administration. Wendy’s, for their part, has already made their decision, telling the group to keep their tomatoes. Ironically, they have begun importing them from Mexico, where they are picked legally.

The greed of the workers and the farmers just cost them a major account and probably some jobs. Good for Wendy’s that they stood up to these liberal, racist bullies.

Their burgers just got a whole lot more appetizing. I’ll take extra tomatoes on mine.

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