Illegal Released By Obama Murdered, Attempted Rape Of Child, A Taxpayer Liability for Life


Nine months ago, in early July 2015, Sheriff’s Deputies in Painesville, Ohio, stopped and questioned Juan Emmanuel Razo, an illegal alien. Based upon their observations and his response during the interview, they contacted ICE to have a detainer issued and were refused. It’s not enough to just be violating immigration law under the criminal Obama regime, an illegal almost has to commit murder to be detained. Three weeks later, Razo obliged.

On July 27th he was arrested for the attempted to rape a 14-year-old girl, the shooting of a woman on a bike path, and subsequently breaking into a home and murdering a sixty-year-old woman. Is that enough, Secretary Johnson, can ICE issue that detainer now? Of course now it isn’t needed, he’s not going anywhere.

The illegal has now agreed to plead guilty to sixteen charges in a plea bargain which will sentence him to life in prison without parole, at taxpayer expense. Had ICE fulfilled their obligation to enforce the law rather than simply blowing off the attempts by local law enforcement to get them to do their jobs, those injured and killed would have been spared their ordeals and the people of Ohio would not be supporting this foreign trash for the rest of his existence on earth.

It’s not the good people of Immigration and Customs Enforcement who are arbitrarily refusing to do their jobs. DHS Secretary Johnson, ICE Director Sarah Saldana and Hussein Obama have made the decision to violate federal laws and their own oaths of office. They also force their subordinates in ICE and CBP to violate their oaths to uphold the Constitution and laws of the United States as well. The bureaucrats have committed treason and are culpable for every crime committed by an illegal alien. They should be immediately arrested and charged with treason as well as accessories in the crimes committed by their coddled illegals, including a flood of murders.

Razo is scheduled for sentencing on April 27th on three counts of kidnapping, two counts each of aggravated murder, aggravated robbery, attempted murder, aggravated burglary, attempted rape, felonious assault, and one count of rape.

Lake County, Ohio, Sheriff Dan Dunlap offered a clarification of the events surrounding Razo’s crime spree and his arrests.

He stated that Razo was stopped on foot by Sheriff’s Deputies July 7, 2015 at about 8 pm. When the deputies questioned him, Razo was sweating profusely, behaved extremely nervously, avoided eye contact and provided a false name. He claimed to have no identification but admitted to being an illegal alien. Normally suspicious behavior of that nature has been sufficient for ICE to issue a detainer, but the rules have changed. The admission of his illegal status alone should have been sufficient.

Dunlap said his deputies contacted the United States Border agents, although ICE is responsible for the issuance of detainers, through toll free numbers law enforcement is provided. They spoke both with the officers and the suspect directly and ultimately refused to issue a detainer. Without ICE approval, the deputies were unable to hold Razo, and he was let go. Three weeks later he went on his violent crime spree.

Sheriff Dunlap complained that the lax enforcement and fluctuation in federal policy makes it impossible for local officers to know what their enforcement options are.

It’s difficult when those who want to enforce the law, their job in service to their communities, are prevented from doing so by bureaucrats who are the puppets of wholly-purchased politicians, Marxist ideologues and special interests.

The ones who pay for the abuses of power are the people of our nation, the ones that the communist operative in the White House supposedly is sworn to protect, whose borders and sovereignty he has completely surrendered.

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