Hypocrite Sen Mike Lee Exposes Unhinged Vendetta In Anti-Trump Rant

Mike Lee

Hypocrite Sen Mike Lee Exposes Unhinged Vendetta In Anti-Trump Rant

Mike Lee got his feelings hurt during the primary when his anointed one, Calgary Ted Cruz, was defeated by Donald Trump. He hasn’t gotten past Trump questioning why “his best friend’s father” was photographed handing out flyers with Lee Harvey Oswald. He also made a statement on video in July (below) that the reason he hasn’t endorsed Trump is because he’s made some religiously intolerant statements that Mormons, as a church that was targeted in the 1800s by the governor of Missouri, can’t deal with. Two hundred years is a long time for them to hold a grudge and Trump isn’t from Missouri, Senator.

Mike Lee is a tool of the globalists, just as is his fellow Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) and virtually all of their political office holders and influence peddlers. Lee pretends that his sheltered existence and strong faith guide him, and that he is this great constitutional scholar who is guided by our founding principles. That sounds awfully similar to the line of crap many Americans swallowed in 2008 and 2012.


He’s actually the most vile of hypocrites, as he clearly demonstrated in the hissy fit he threw over the comments Trump made in the “Billy Bush Ambush” video. He and his fellow nevertrump globalists are attempting to seize upon it in a last-ditch effort to derail the choice of the American people. Who knows, perhaps they helped produce it.

There is no fidelity to or respect for the Constitution in the hypocrite Mike Lee. There is only a bitter little puppet doing the bidding of Jon Huntsman and others who hold the key to power in his state of Utah, where Mormons vote as they’re told. That’s the same blind obedience that has saddled Nevada and the US with Harry Reid.

Lee says he’s been thinking about how Mr. Trump’s statements make him feel, noting several times that he has a wife, a daughter, a mother and five sisters. The drama queen senator says, “It’s occurred to me on countless occasions today that if anyone spoke to my [insert repetitive list here] the way Mr. Trump has spoken to women, I wouldn’t hire that person. The “forgiving man” who champions his religion continued, “I wouldn’t hire that person, wouldn’t want to be associated with that person. And I certainly don’t think I’d feel comfortable hiring that person to be the leader of the free world.”

It’s important to remember that this statement is not the result of the video changing Lee’s position on Mr. Trump. He has already refused to endorse him or state that he would vote for him. It’s simply the Mormon mafia Senator (like Harry Reid) using his position to opportunistically attack a candidate that is opposed to the globalism that Lee serves, the subjugation of America to world fascism.

He says “We’ve been asked to settle,” which clearly means Lee still hasn’t admitted his and Glenn Beck’s boy lost. He’s been forced to accept defeat which to him means settling. We got who we wanted, at least to this point, in spite of Lee and his mafia’s best efforts to install their choice or hand the election to Clinton as an alternative. Americans only have to settle if traitorous, disloyal operatives such as him are successful in derailing Donald Trump and empowering Hillary Clinton.

Lee doesn’t believe in the popular vote if it doesn’t incorporate a “Seven Mountains” kind of theocracy as would have been the case if his anointed one had been selected. Americans don’t want a combo preacher/pope/president. We want a president to take care of the nation’s business and we’ll choose our religious affiliation separately, without Senator Lee’s imposition or assistance.

Lee claims a fidelity to certain principles, vague and never identified by anything other than “what will help us win in November,” as he calls Mr. Trump a distraction. Please enlighten us with a recap of the Republican achievements over the last couple of years as you pursued those supposed principles, Senator, while funding every Obama agenda item and refusing to challenge a single illegal act. Those are the principles you want us to support you on in opposition to the man who is our voice?

He asks Trump to deny the will of the people, to set aside his record-levels of support because he doesn’t fit Mormon Mike’s model or the Seven Mountains template. “Sinless Senator” Lee presents himself as our moral compass, one that’s spinning wildly and aimlessly as are our founding fathers in their graves. Mike’s never uttered anything similar to what Trump did. That’s great for him. He’s probably not much fun at parties either, but to each their own; he can shut up now. He’s clearly lying and embarrassing himself.

Lee’s admitted to having a daughter, so we might think that at some point conversations occurred during that process that might have had some similarities to the comments of Mr. Trump. Then again, maybe there’s a code of silence in the Lee bedroom. Don’t look, keep your eyes to the floor at all times. They just point and grunt in the dark, and hope for divine intervention. What a dishonest, transparent, politically motivated and mentally unstable specimen this Senator is but it’s not the first time he’s shown his unhinged side.

It’s the same kind of emotion he showed in a video referenced earlier and posted below his statement, in which, near the end, he seems to be almost in tears over the stress of the insults to Senator Cruz. This guy’s not all there.

The globalist hypocrite trash closes out his little lie-fest by saying, “It’s time for us to come together.” This is from the guy who still refuses to come together and join the man the American people have selected. Actually it’s not time, Senator Lee, it’s past time and you’re running very late.

He adds, “There will be time to figure out the who.” Again Lee is behind the times as we are under thirty days until the election and the rest of us have long ago figured that part out.  Maybe his watch needs a new battery. He says it’s time to focus on “the what” as he urges searching for a different “globalist who.” Besides being late, Lee’s having a bad pronoun day.

He’s still angling for Calgary Ted, his choice as the what (a Canadian citizen in the White House) or the who. He’s not going to settle no matter what. Too bad he isn’t as adamant about keeping Clinton out of the White House, but she’s part of the establishment world government crowd. She’s on his side.

[iframe id=”https://www.facebook.com/plugins/video.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2FmikeleeUT%2Fvideos%2F10154626306667431%2F&show_text=0&width=400″]

The unhinged part of the Lee interview with Steve Malzberg is really fiery beginning at the 7:00 mark below:


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