BREAKING: HUGE TRIUMPH In Discharged Green Beret Case

Triumph for Sgt Martland

HUGE TRIUMPH For Discharged Green Beret

VICTORY! Information has just been released regarding Sgt 1st Class Charles Martland. Shockingly, the Army has REVERSED its decision to discharge him.

The unexpected move, made late today, was described by Lt. Col. Jerry Pionk.

“In SFC Martland’s case, the Army Board for Correction of Military Records determination modified a portion of one of SFC Martland’s evaluation reports and removed him from the QMP list, which will allow him to remain in the Army.”

At the forefront of the fight in favor of Sgt Martland has been Rep. Duncan Hunter. After being informed of the triumph he stated:

“The Army did the right thing and we won–the American people, won.”

Here is a short version of the case from an earlier article I did regarding it.

Triumph for Sgt Martland

Triumph for Sgt Martland

“In Sept 2011 there was an incident between Martland and an Afghan police commander named Abdul Rahman.

An interpreter came to Martland and another soldier and explained that a young boy had been “tied to a post in Rahman’s house and was raped repeatedly” for days. When confronted, Rahman admitted to the event and laughed it off.

The other soldier picked Rahman up and threw him. Martland “body slammed” him. Rahman immediately ran off from the camp.

Rather than receiving recognition as a hero, Martland was ordered to be discharged from the Army.”

A letter writing campaign, directed at Defense Secretary Carter, was established by the American Center For Law and Justice. A petition supporting Sgt Martland received aver 337,000 signatures.

It would appear that those voices were heard.

A grateful Sgt Martland responded humbly:

“I appreciate everything Congressman Duncan Hunter and his Chief of Staff, Joe Kasper did for me. I am real thankful for being able to continue to serve.”

When I describe today’s decision as a triumph, I genuinely mean it. It is a victory over the PC mentality that is so pervasive in our culture. I consider it a ray of hope that somewhere, someone believes that taking action in defense of others is not a crime.

To Sgt Martland, I say thank you for taking a stand and doing what was right, thank you for bringing honor to your uniform, and congratulations on being able to continue wearing it.

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source: Fox News