Huckabee On Paul Ryan: He Just Doesn’t Get It VIDEO

There’s this fabulous phenomenon in American politics that once a person actually leaves the political arena, he or she usually becomes a lot more rational of a human being.  One such person is former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee.

In full disclosure, this writer has been known to disagree with Huckabee, quite a bit actually, on political stances that just seemed to be entirely too pie in the sky for reality.  However, as a political observer, he is more realistic than not.  So, when good ole Mike says that Speaker of the House of Representatives Paul Ryan just doesn’t understand how angry the American people are, it would be worth Ryan’s time to listen up.

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This is a case where people like Ryan are damned if they do and damned if they don’t say anything in public.  Yes, private, clear the air conversations are best when there are egos that bruise easily involved, but public figures say things publicly by reflex.  At this point, that is just the way it is done.  There is nothing wrong at all about meeting to be sure everyone is on the same page or to feel out the “other side” as it were to get an idea of where they are coming from and to flesh out ideas, but as Huckabee says, there is no real rationale for presenting a “unified” front if it is dishonest.  The American people, just like the kid in The Emperor’s New Clothes,” can sniff out division pretty fast.

Where Huckabee is absolutely correct, although he underestimates the problem, is that the American people are totally and completely fed up with being the whipping boys of world-wide politics.  It doesn’t matter the party, since the party apparatus exists to benefit its members.  No, what the people who regularly inhale the swamp gases in Washington don’t get is that the people as a whole are tired of wealth confiscation in the form of taxes, watching skilled labor jobs disappear, illegal immigrants being wholesale accepted into the nation when we have our own problems, and a whole lot more that has nothing to do with social issues.  These are sovereignty issues, and we the people are not nearly as dumb as we look when our own bank accounts are affected.

Will the true establishment Republicans surrender?  That remains to be seen.  In the meantime, Mike Huckabee is where he needs to be right now: not so much in office as speaking his mind trying to get the people and the politicians united in the goal of keeping the Hildebeast out of office.  Yes, it’s turning into the definition of herding cats, but it needs to happen.

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