Hotel Customer Notices Hilarious Mistake- Wait Til The Race-Baiters See This One!

Hotel Customer Notices Hilarious Mistake

On a recent trip to the Chicago area, a businessman noticed a hilarious mistake at his hotel.

It wasn’t a housekeeping issue or even something left behind by a previous occupant.

The Comfort Inn located in Downers Grove, Illinois apparently speaks Ebonics.

At least they do on their “Do Not Disturb” door hangers.

Hotel mistake

Hotel mistake

The hanger features a young, black woman who appears to be relaxing with a book.

The text underneath reads “Do not disturb. Resting up in here.”

That’s right. “Up in here.” Cue the DMX music.

Clearly, the intention was to state that the person inside the room was resting up.

How no one in the Comfort Inn executive offices caught the possibility of it reading as “inner city slang” is beyond comprehension.

Then to put the text under a photo of a black woman and still not realize how it could be construed…seriously?

There was a small chance that it was attempt to be clever and reach across cultural lines.

When the hotel’s manager was questioned, however, he was completely taken aback. “This is the first time I have heard about this,” explained Mr. Patel.

So much for a failed bid at humor. The Ebonics reference was an out and out mistake.

Apparently, no one from the ACLU or NAACP has stayed at a Comfort Inn recently. They would already have caused a fire storm.

Can you imagine Al Sharpton seeing this on a door in a hotel near Chicago? Naturally, he would accuse the hotel chain of intentionally insinuating that a young, black woman would be incapable of proper grammar. He would then proceed to call for a ban on all Comfort Inns until the “offensive” hangers were removed. The President would make a speech from the Rose Garden ridiculing the racial bias that has even seeped  into the hospitality industry. (On the flip side, if the picture were of a young, white woman, they would be upset because of the “cultural appropriation.”)

Until such a time as the PC police get wind, the rest of can just sit back and have a good snicker at Comfort Inn’s expense.

To keep from being interrupted, you could always post a note that says “Do not disturb. Laughing up in here.”

© 2016 Vianna Vaughan