Hot Babe Arrested, So Hot That Her Mug Shot Goes Viral! Guess What She Did!

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This story is wild and crazy.  Only on social media can a hot looking con woman turn on the world with her beautiful face in a mugshot.  She was arrested recently in Little Rock,Arkansas for a number of crimes and a second degree felony.

You can add one more crime to her list and that would be “stealing the hearts” of viewers on social media, her hot mug shot is showing up everywhere and she’s beginning to become a celebrity of sorts.  She was taken and booked at Pulaski County Jail where she posed for this mugshot.

The beauty’s name is Sarah Seawright, 24 years old.  She was arrested as a suspect for first degree battery, (ouch!), Aggravated robbery,(ouch! ouch!) hindering prosecution and tampering with physical evidence, ouchywawa! Her hot mugshot gave her the term #prisonbae and #jailhousebae that is trending on twitter by many secret admirers.

Try not to allow her looks to fool you. In 2012, police said she offered a man she knew a ride in the parking lot of a Target store in Bryant who was then robbed at gunpoint by another man who was already in her car.

In 2014, Seawright was sentanced to 5 years probation after pleading guilty only to hindering apprehension, a class B felony.

Seawright’s latest offense was a no-show on her court date for charges of arrest of careless driving and driving without insurance.

A website called Ugly Plastic shared her hot shot and ever since, it’s being re-tweeted like crazy.  In fact, those were Sarah Seawrights exact words. Well, similarly close words when she gave a surprise response at the attention about her on facebook.  She stated “This s**t CRAZZZZYY!”

She is  embracing the notoriety, posting an email for people who want to book her for media interviews on her Instagram page, which remains private. Seawright is even using #prisonbae in her own tweets.


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