Hooters And Islam…ClashDaily Stirring The Pot

This morning, a very pertinent question popped up into the old Facebook News Feed from ClashDaily.

This particular question was multiple choice and came with the following story to boost the scenario to be presented.


QUESTION: Should Hooters Shut Down Because They’re Offensive to Islam?

After a quick internet search on Bing (avoiding Google due to the rigged search algorithms), so far, Islamists haven’t said much about Hooters, the American chain of sports bars where the waitresses are chosen via cup size (this writer qualifies, actually).  However, given the account from Belgium above and the way that Islamists prefer to guilt native populations into giving them their way, it’s only a matter of time before some girl following Islam applies for a job at your neighborhood Hooters, and complains because the uniform is, shall we say, too skimpy.

Or objects to the heavenly aroma of bacon…or of the alcohol being served…or all of the sports on the flat screens that are a waste of time…or… take your pick.

As it is, there are a whole lot of people here in the United States aren’t all that wild about Hooters in general since the idea isn’t so much that it’s about the food, but the scenery.  Even western standards of decency are stretched with the Hooters chain concept.  If one wants to go to a sports bar, there are plenty of other options, and some even have better chicken wings.  No, what ClashDaily is somewhat prepping the population to expect is the request to suppress American culture from Islamists starting with low hanging fruit.  (Pun not intended, just a happy accident.)

Back in July, one Imam in Britain made some fairly bold claims about what would be eliminated from American culture once Islam took over.  (The full list and commentary is here.)  Everything that makes Hooters Hooters is on that list.  So, naturally, red blooded Americans like those populating the staff at Clash Daily, are looking around to see what in American culture could be a target for Islamists given that in Europe one woman refusing to wear a headscarf led to a riot.

Be warned.  Hooters may well be a symbolic beginning.

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