Homeland Security Chair Michael McCaul Levies BOLD Indictment Against Hillary!

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Homeland Security Chair Michael McCaul Levies BOLD Indictment Against Hillary!

It is not an official indictment, but one that can carry weight to the public. Thursday morning, Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX), a challenger for Ted Cruz’s seat in the Senate and the Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, appeared on Fox and Friends and made one of the most damning statements against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton yet. He actually said the word “treason” in relation to her actions.

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So, by taking mobile devices that could carry classified information out of the country and using them with other nations’ networks looking and listening in, McCaul’s opinion is that these actions are treason.  National security was put in jeopardy by Clinton’s hubris in thinking she could get away with this.  Consistently, the reports are that Clinton’s personal server – let alone intercepted radio transmissions – was hacked multiple times by foreign entities.

There are those in the conservative blogosphere who claim that with is statement, McCaul “jumped the shark.”  After all, there was no direct communication between Hillary Clinton and enemy actors.  However, she did leave the door open allowing any or all foreign governments to invade her email, server, and other devices to just walk in and take information.

While this is not an official indictment, and it is not one of the myriad of law enforcement agencies looking into the server situation, the Clinton Foundation, the pedophile sex ring, pay to play, power-brokering, collusion with the mainstream media or any of the other scandals plaguing the Clinton candidacy for president, it is proof that some of the people on Capitol Hill, anyway, are willing to call a spade a spade and call out Hillary Clinton for her crimes.  We can quibble about what to call them legally, but there is no doubt that the woman does not and did not have the next pagenation’s interest at heart when she was Secretary of State.

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