Hillary’s People Created These Fake Craigslist Ads To Embarrass Trump

Yes, they’ll even use Craigslist.

We all knew that the 2016 presidential election was going to be a gutter fight, but one of the emails to surface in the Wikileaks continual dripping from the Democratic National Committee, and other staffers, including all things Clinton guru John Podesta, tells the world that Hillary’s people have no problem being dishonest, too.

Buried within one of the caches is a short exchange that begins with Craigslist ads the campaign came up with:

And what did the little darlings who came up with this claptrap have to say when they were asking for approval up the chain of command?

Mark and Luis – digital created a fake craigslist jobs post for women who want to apply to jobs one of Trump’s organizations. This will be a microsite and we still need to send it to Perkins. Since we will be pitching this, need your approval please.

Mark refers to Paustenbach, and Luis is Luis Miranda, the communications director of the campaign.  Of course, approval was granted, and Miranda followed up with this:

As long as all the offensive shit is verbatim I’m fine with it.

To see the email chain in it’s entirety, visit the Wikileaks site here.

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