Hillary’s Latest Bobblehead Moment – Watch The WEIRD Thing Her Head Does

All along the campaign trail in 2016, We the People have seen one strange and/or harrowing thing from Democratic Candidate Hillary Clinton after another.  She’s been coughing up alien babies, losing shoes, collapsing, making deer in the headlights faces at balloon drops, and even saving herself from what really look like seizures to the untrained, but observant eye.

Well, on Tuesday, October 4, at a presser in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, another little incident occurred.  This time, Mrs. Clinton’s head does something really strange.  Watch:

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/7X8547ew06k” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”640″]

This writer is by no means a medical expert.  Not even.  Even with the amount of research done to deal with food issues, voice health and orthopedic injuries, there is a lot that simply isn’t known to me.  BUT, even I, with the untrained eye, can tell that Mrs. Clinton was trying to nod in the midst of some sort of tremor.  And, yes, it does resemble what so many older friends and family with Parkinson’s Disease display.  (One poor woman at my church suffers this way.)  On one side of the family, there is a non-Parkinson’s palsy that a number of people have, but the tremors aren’t that fine.  And they can’t be covered, either.

This video proves absolutely nothing other that something really strange is happening with Hillary Clinton.  The public record is littered with her falls, one collapse, a blood clot, and a lot more that hasn’t been adequately explained.  And then there was the matter discovered in the hacked emails from the State Department that Mrs. Clinton had staffers doing research on a known Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s drug, Provigil.  Having had several relatives die of Alzheimer’s, whatever is wrong, that doesn’t follow the pattern of what we see from Mrs. Clinton.

Whatever is wrong, the American Mirror video above is one more piece of public evidence for physicians, care givers, and so many with eyes to see to hash over.  Just like every other piece of evidence that has surfaced, this does not look good.  Add it in with the rest of the public record, and sooner or later some pundit or doctor is going to turn out to be right to question the official story.

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