Hillary Puts Area 51 On Campaign Promise List


You know that Americans are getting sick of politics as usual, and all the attacks on one candidate or another when headlines include the Democratic front-runner promising to “get to the bottom of Area 51.”  Think this is an exaggeration?

“I think we may have been [visited already]. We don’t know for sure,” the Democratic presidential front-runner told The Conway Daily Sun during a campaign stop in New Hampshire last week.

Given recent election results in the United States, not only have we most likely been visited, but there’s a good chance the inter-galactic alliance of aliens is probably voting illegally.

In addition to “getting to the bottom” of Area 51 and maybe appointing a task force to find out what other than sand is in the Nevada desert, Bill Clinton’s wife says that their number one advisor, John Podesta (the guy who gives us Catholics a bad name), is a big fan of UFO theories.  Hillary didn’t say whether or not he subscribes to the “it was an Air Force experiment gone wrong” wing of UFO fandom, or if Podesta thinks that UFOs have some legitimate basis in fact.  (Personally, this writer goes the “what is the Air Force up to NOW? route.)

Whichever is the case, isn’t it nice to know that the challenges of a lousy economy, increased illegal immigration, terrorism on home soil, attacks on the first and second amendments, federal spending that is out of control, a tax system that needs a computer program to navigate, a military that has been gutted, loss of sovereignty, and any number of other issues facing us, that Hillary Clinton has put getting to the bottom of Area 51 on her executive “to do” list.

Kidding or not, do we REALLY want to know if aliens walk among us?  I mean, seriously, it could explain a whole lot.



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