HILLARY IN A HIJAB: Campaign Ad Comes Back To Life

Last October, the Hillary for President people put out an ad that was supposed to demonstrate Hillary Clinton’s great prowess in the field of foreign relations.  In this ad, the woman was pictured walking around in a Hijab, the Islamic head scarf that female adherents of the faith system that indicate their submission to a system that treats women essentially as chattel.

A blogger at “FoxNewsPosts” wrote about this ad claiming it was new, when in fact it came out in the fall.  However, after the revelations made about Mrs. Clinton via the entire email scandal fiasco that has the government not making recommendations for charging the woman with any of the myriad of crimes of which she is guilty, the ad itself is worth revisiting for the quotes from other Democrat and uniparty operatives if nothing else, but the woman wore a hijab WHILE SHE WAS SECRETARY OF STATE.

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/WKoPjeSt2CM” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”640″]

Anyone else need antacids and a drink after that?

As it happens, given the sequence of events leading up to Hillary’s non-indictment, and the unleashing of the Black Lives Matter forces in the United States in recent weeks,  the woman’s popularity and trustworthiness has dropped like a rock.  She is steadily falling in the polls.  In addition, when people actually see Hillary, they come away with a bad impression and her poll numbers drop even more.

That being said, what is…hypocritical…about the former first lady and self-proclaimed champion of women’s rights in this particular ad is the length she will go to pander to the one group of people on earth known to violate women’s humanity without blinking: the religion known as Islam.  The headscarf in Islam signifies submission to man, unlike Judaism and Christianity where head coverings are worn as a sign of humility before God.  How a feminist of any sort can don the garb of truly misogynist people is rather confounding.

And then there is the little matter of Islam wanting to rule the world….

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