The Deplorably HISTORIC Sign Hillary Is Going Down

Here we are.  We’ve reached the end.  Finally.  We’re here.  Doland Trump vs. Hillary Clinton. It’s all done but the vote tomorrow and the tallies, so long as the people counting the votes are honest about it.  (With no cameras and it not being open to the public, we can’t be sure.)  In the final 48 hours, though, there are a few hints as to what we are going to witness on November 8.

Leesburg, Virginia, Midnight, November 6-7, 2016



The rally was supposed to start at 9:30 p.m.  It was a last minute thing.  Donald Trump was running late and didn’t get there until Midnight, or there abouts.  The line to get in was said to be two and a half miles long.  Two and a half MILES.  On a Sunday night, when America has to get up and work the next day.  People who attended said there were thousands there from everywhere.  And just in time for this momentus event, Twitter – one of the only ways to disseminate information the mainstream media refuses to report – went down.

Sterling Heights, Michigan, 6 pm, November 6


The venue, Freedom Hill Ampitheater, filled really fast for Donald Trump’s THIRD rally of the day in a state that normally turns blue.  Third.  Thousands flocked to hear him talk of his plans for America.  And this was AFTER FBI Director James Comey sent a letter to Congress saying that he hadn’t changed his plans for not recommending indictment of Hillary Clinton and her cronies.

Minneapolis, Minnesota, 3 pm, November 6, 2016


With less than 24 hours notice, 20,000 flocked to the Sun Country Airlines Hanger in Minneapolis, Minnesota, a state no Republican candidate for president has won in decades, which is the reason no presidential campaign bothers to stop in there.  And that was just INSIDE the hanger.  Witnesses say that the crowd outside was larger.  For the past few weeks, this normally dependable solid blue state has been flirting with “toss-up” territory on the Real Clear Politics average Electoral College Map.  (May you live in interesting times, indeed.)

Hillary Clinton can barely fill a one car garage in comparison.

These images and rallies follow a weekend that saw the John Podesta WikiLeaks email drops 31 and 32, rain wash away more than one Hillary Clinton “rally,” the return of the cough, and entirely too much information about a performance art called “Spirit Cooking” that involves mixing of bodily fluids better left separated.  What does all that lead to?  Well….


That’s going to leave a mark.

These signs of history in the making are not a reason for all Deplorables to get cocky.  But, all of this together should next pagebe the inspiration to get out and vote tomorrow.  The survival of the country depends on it.


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