Hillary Email Scandal: Now A Key Witness’ Emails Went POOF

In the latest twist that is the Hillary Clinton email server scandal/disaster/debacle, on Monday the State Department made a stunning admission about the former Secretary of State’s IT guy, Bryan Pagliano:

“The Department has searched for Mr. Pagliano’s email pst file and has not located one that covers the time period of Secretary Clinton’s tenure,” State Department spokesman Elizabeth Trudeau said today, referencing a file format that holds email.

“To be clear, the Department does have records related to Mr. Pagliano and we are working with Congress and [Freedom of Information Act] requesters to provide relevant material. The Department has located a pst from Mr. Pagliano’s recent work at the Department as a contractor, but the files are from after Secretary Clinton left the Department,” Trudeau added.

Gee, imagine that.  The IT guy who set up the infamous server in the Clintons’ New York residence, and who has immunity from the Justice Department in exchange for his testimony in the whole email server/Benghazi deal, and the full email file is gone from the years when her highness ruled State.  Well, well, well.  (Anyone else think Gucifer might have them????)

As it happens, the statement above was amended by Ms Trudeau herself to ABC News just hours after making the announcement.

After this story was posted, Trudeau reached out to ABC News, amending her previous statement to say that despite the absence of his original pst file, some small amount of Pagliano’s email has been recovered, suggesting they were gleaned from other email accounts.

(Oops.  Somebody slipped up.  Scrubbing stuff from the internet needs to be more thorough than that.)

The request for Pagliano’s emails, and all of his electronic devices used during his tenure at the State Department, is coming from the Republican National Committee.  Court documents have been filed to compel State to cooperate, and provide the emails that the cabinet department claims not to have.

“It’s hard to believe that an IT staffer who set up Hillary Clinton’s reckless email server never sent or received a single work-related email in the four years he worked at the State Department,” the RNC’s Deputy Communications Director, Raj Shah, said in a statement to ABC News. “Such records might shed light on his role in setting up Clinton’s server, and why he was granted immunity by the FBI. But it seems that his emails were either destroyed or never turned over, adding yet another layer to the secrecy surrounding his role.”

And yet another chapter to the entire Hillary Clinton email scandal that just never seems to end.

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