Hillary Clinton Is Proof of a Corrupt Government System

No one is above the law is  the rule of law. Ensuring that the law is upheld is the executive branches job. Thus, it is with great surprise that Hillary Clinton remains unscathed. Despite the numerous accusations against her proven true. This is a clear example of what many concerned citizens have been warnings for some time. Our government appears to bend to a different force than that of the people. Is there any wonder why this election is so divisive?

Hillary Clinton’s Hubris!


There is a notion that goes far back as Athenian democracy that claims that states always exist in two forms- visible and invisible. The founders alluded to this very notion when they disclaimed the need for factions and tasked the American people to ever be mindful of the fractious who would use division as a means to seize liberty. This is what we are witnessing before our very eyes. The siren call of “justice” by social activist and the media is one giant distraction and ruse. Our culture permeates with shallow thinking.  Arguments presented as to why the FBI, DOJ and Attorney General are completely wrong for not indicting Hillary Clinton is rebuffed by preemptive arguments about racism and sexism. The forces that are behind Hillary Clinton are quite formidable but history tends to describe Hillary’s behavior  as a weakness.

I imagine that the Hillary Camp never imagine that this many Americans would rise up against her and the globalist cartel who fund her. This is the sort of thing that hubris causes. The arrogance of the DNC! They truly believe that they could hijack the entire election in front of a watching world and no one would mind. They are wrong! Countless of Americans mind! Sure, the mainstream media makes it seem this nation has given its support to Hillary Clinton. Wikileaks, blogosphere and vlogs by concerned patriots speak to the contrary. We see her and her cronies for what they are. This nation has had enough!