Hillary Clinton Actually Says, “We Have To Be Reliable And Trustworthy”


Hillary Clinton seems to have had an epiphany, or at least as close to a revelation as she is capable of. In her case it is the false charade of an epiphany, which is close enough for her. Her campaign speech now includes borrowing the “words matter” language that worked so well for Hussein Obama as a hypocritically wrapper for his false promises in 2008. But it’s not just a rehashing of what worked for her Marxist predecessor that is overflowing out of the backed up oral septic tank on the front of her head.

Clinton proclaimed, “Words matter and America’s word matters.” Is she telling us that lies have consequences and it matters when America or our president lies? Is that why the last eight years have been straight out of Hell, because of the liar in charge? Is it reasonable to assume that having the biggest liar this side of Hussein Obama following him into the White House would lead to more lies, more opaqueness, more dishonesty from the American hijacked government? It would be idiotic to expect anything else. Why, then is she drawing attention to the meaning of words?

She said without flinching or an upward glance to prepare herself for a lightning strike, “We have to be reliable and trustworthy, people have to count on us.” You know, like those four Americans killed and the rest who almost died without any response from Clinton to save our own citizens.

Maybe Clinton doesn’t mean Americans need to count on us, just terrorist allies. The trained seals continued to applaud, with no laughter evident and no recognition of the hypocrisy apparent among the members of the small, intimate group.

The reality is that for her supporters words don’t matter, they couldn’t care less. Domestic policies that reward specific sectors of our nation, those, such as the woman behind her in the LGBT shirt, who share the agenda couldn’t care less about the overall damage that Clinton represents. If their particular little interests or cause is benefited the rest of the package is overlooked.

The principle of GIGO, garbage in garbage out, is exists in politics as well as the computer field. If we put garbage like her into the White House, that’s exactly what we’ll see as the product. The last eight years have taught us many lessons; that’s one of them.

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