Herridge – Clinton Email Interview Sent To House Oversight Committee


Catherine Herridge reports an important development, that some FBI documents relating to the Hillary Clinton investigations have now been provided to the House Oversight Committee. She says, “Significantly, the files that relate to Mrs. Clinton’s interview have sections that are entirely blacked out or heavily redacted.”

Herridge says the redaction is important “because it tells us that even to this day, the information is so highly classified that some members of Congress can’t even read it. So when Mrs. Clinton says, and you were talking with the speaker about this earlier, release them, this on its face is entirely suspect and at the very least disingenuous because it’s simply not possible.”

Van Susteren makes the point that the fact that information is blacked out means it is classified. She says for her part, if she got documents in this condition she would be even more suspicious that there was something contained within them that was classified.

Herridge says, “You can’t have it both ways in this situation. The fact that these documents have been provided to Congress, sections are entirely blacked out, they have to be maintained in a secure facility known as a SCIF undercuts the Clinton campaign’s insistence to this day that the documents are over-classified and that this is about government systems run amok.

Van Susteren tries to give some traction to the Clinton contention, agreeing that there are many things classified in DC that perhaps should not be. Catherine Herridge tamps that down immediately, saying, “Well, I know from my own reporting that there was definitely intelligence about human sources in those emails. This is the kind of information that is among the government’s most closely held secrets. And when you write about government sources or human sources in these types of emails, you really put lives on the line.”

She adds, “And this is why to this day the material is blacked out. You can’t have it both ways.” She’s asked if the FBI rank and file is unhappy with FBI Director Comey’s comments about the emails. Herridge replies diplomatically, “My understanding is that the feeling about the investigation was not unanimous, despite what the director said.”


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