HEROIC VIDEO FINALLY RELEASED after years-long legal battle

heroicUniversity students pray after shootings

HEROIC VIDEO FINALLY RELEASED after years-long legal battle.


Almost exactly two years to the date, and after two years of legal battles between the victim’s families, the media and Seattle Pacific University that all fought to prevent its release, we can now see for ourselves what a real hero looks like in action.

Jon Meis

His name is Jon Meis, at the time a 26 year-old engineering student and building monitor at the university. On June 9, 2014, he also became a hero after gunman, Aaron Ybarra, opened fire on campus killing one 19 year-old student and wounding four others. There is little doubt that had it not been for Meis’ brave and selfless acts, the mayhem would have continued as the 29 year-old gunman later confessed to wanting to kill as many people as possible that day. He also confessed to being off his medications, likely a contributing factor in his behavior.

In the video you will see that after pepper-spraying then rushing and disarming the shooter, he leaves to dispose of the weapon only to return to find Ybarra had by then brandished a knife. Mr. Meis again risked his life to tackle Ybarra, holding him until a security guard appeared, who assisted Meiss until police arrived.

University students pray after shootings

University students pray after shootings

As a “thank you” for his heroism, a Seattle resident started a GoFundMe site to raise money for a honeymoon for Meis and his new bride. Thousands of dollars in donations poured in and Meis, selflessly once again, requested that all future donations be made to the families of the victims. He has shied from media coverage ever since.



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(NBC News and the Seattle Times contributed to this story)

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