Herman Cain – Plotted Riots Will Only Make Donald Trump Stronger


Herman Cain paid a visit to Fox News to discuss the Trump candidacy and the staged disruptions in California as well as who and what is behind them. They don’t name names, which must certainly come as some relief to one of the principle financiers, Marxist George Soros, put Cain does point in the correct direction.

He’s asked if they are the benign protests that the media is portraying them as or if they are the riots that they appear to be. Mr. Cain doesn’t pull any punches, answering, “These are violent riots pure and simple. And they are intended to strike fear into the hearts of Trump supporters and smear his campaign. That’s all it is.”

He notes the discussion earlier reference the agitators putting up banners and booking rooms. He says, “This was well-organized and someone had to pay for it. These are not spontaneous and they are acting off of some of the negative perceptions about Trump that have been created by the mainstream media. These are violent riots, period, and the authorities ought to deal with them accordingly.”

Tucker Carlson notes that the police are not getting involved to the degree they need to be and that the overview seems to be that the White House is encouraging this.” Really, the usurping hater of all white people and the United States Hussein Obama could be involved in criminal violence? Of course he is and their nasty tentacles reach far and wide. Carlson notes that White House spokesliar Josh Earnest compared the hoodlums to the Founding Fathers and asked Mr. Cain what is the point of that.

It’s clearly another instance where Mr. Cain stops short of giving the full, more accurate response he could. He says, “That’s a false comparison, as you pointed out earlier. This is not similar to what the founding fathers were protesting. This is an attempt to silence Donald Trump. To get him to cancel another rally; to try to get trump supporters upset and back off from voting for him. Pure and simple, that’s what this is about.

Cain goes on to explain why he thinks this will, in the long run, work in Mr. Trump’s favor.

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