Herman Cain Knows Trump – He’s Not A Racist or Bigot, Could Peel Off Black Voters


Herman Cain opens by disputing the same unsubstantiated generalities which are always leveled against Donald Trump by his adversaries, this time by Tavis Smiley. Cain says, “That’s absolutely wrong. The only thing that I agree with Tavis on is the fact that the Democrats have taken advantage of black people for fifty years and they’ve gone beyond that. They have conned black people.”

He says, “When Tavis talks about Donald Trump being a racist, running a segregated campaign, all of that is absolutely false. Unfortunately, Tavis has been drinking the Kool-Aid that’s been served to the public about all of the negative perceptions.”

“Everything that he touched on,” says Cain, “as to why he has concluded that those labels fit Donald Trump, were based upon taking things out of context. That’s where he gets it from and he not only listens and drinks the Kool-Aid, but he’s also sharing it with a lot of black people because he has a large black audience. He’s absolutely wrong.”

Megyn Kelly asks, “Do you think the black vote can get behind Donald? Let’s say it’s Trump versus Clinton, and you know there’s the whole like, Bill Clinton was the first black president, do you think that there is a real chance that Donald Trump could peel off black voters from Hillary Clinton, if those two wind up running against each other.

Cain responds unequivocally, “Absolutely yes, Donald Trump can peel off some of the black voters and here’s why. When it’s down to one on one, let’s assume for the moment, I know we’re not there yet, that it’s Trump versus Clinton. What will happen is, if Trump starts to put his platform and his ideas that help everybody at the front of his speech, those are the sound bites that people will begin to hear.”

He says, “The reason there’s this so-called divide between the perception of black people and women and non-minorities is because that’s all they have been fed in terms of some of the spoon-fed sound bites. When it’s one on one and if he sticks to his top three priorities, which also dispels what Tavis is saying about Trump not running a campaign for all of America. All of America benefits from replacing the tax code. All of America benefits from enforcing the immigration laws and all of America benefits by repealing and replacing Obamacare. Trump has been very explicit about that but that’s not the message that’s coming through.”

Kelly gives herself and her cohorts a pass, interjecting, “The media does what the media does but to what extent does he bear some responsibility for that, rather than just staying on message, doing the tweets and going down these roads that get him in trouble, you know. If he would stick to those messages that are so popular with a huge faction of the Republican base would he not be better off?”

She could have asked if he’d be better off if the media such as herself and the establishment of the Republican Party weren’t constantly beating him up over non-issues and gunning for him. The Michelle Fields bogus police report is an example in which Kelly personally played a major role in providing the story with legs as were the National Review anti-Trump issue and the sixteen feminazi Fox contributors who demanded Corey Lewandowski be fired in a letter to Trump. Kelly is far from impartial and her agenda has been neither fair nor balanced.

Cain agreed that Trump inflicts some of his own wounds, saying, “I absolutely agree.” He said, “If I were advising him and I’m not one of his official advisers, I would say, ‘Stay on message. Stay away from all of this stuff that creates political distractions, that creates fodder for people to take that up to create the perception that they want.’ So you’re right. He is partly to blame for some of the negative perceptions out there.”

Mr. Cain adds, “But I know Donald Trump. He’s not a racist. He’s not a bigot. And he is not running a segregated campaign as Tavis said.”

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