BREAKING: Here’s The List Of Veterans Groups Trump Has Helped (And How Much They Got)


In a testy presser punctuated with well-deserved shots aimed at the mainstream media, American and otherwise, presumptive Republican candidate for president, Donald Trump, answered the question “where did all that money for the veterans go” in spades.  (This will in no way silence the critics.  It will, in fact, enflame them.)

According to the information presented, the contributions for the veterans groups were gifts from a number of wealthy people, including a million dollars from Trump himself that went to a Marine Corps group, that includes Carl Icahn, and a litany of people Trump knows, with more cash pledged to this cause that was pooled for payout.  The cash itself was apparently sent through the Trump Foundation and distributed via certified checks, with the people who deal with major gifts and who know the ropes when it comes to foundation giving able to do due dilligence on the groups who received the contributions after reviewing grant requests.

As of this writing, $5.6 million was received and either distributed, or is being held pending completion of the vetting process that includes authenticating IRS status, reading audited financial statements, sometimes personal site visits to the organization, and, according to Trump, interviews with veterans to find out if any one group is worthy or not.

With that in mind, and the knowledge that Trump spent no extra administration fees, this is where the money went:

  • 22 Kill – $200,000
  • Achilles International – $200,000
  • American Hero Adventures – $100,000
  • Americans for Equal Living – $100,000
  • America’s Vet Dogs, the Veteran Canine Corps, Inc. – $75,000
  • AmVets – $75,000
  • Armed Services YMCA of the United States – $75,000
  • Bob Woodruff Family Foundation, Inc. – $75,000
  • Central Iowa Shelter and Services – $100,000
  • Connected Warriors Inc. – $75,000
  • Disabled American Veterans Charitable Service Trust – $115,000
  • Fisher House Foundation (one of ths writer’s favorite veterans groups) – $115,000
  • Folds of Honor Foundation – $200,000
  • Foundation for American Veterans – $75,000
  • Freedom Alliance – $75,000
  • Green Beret Foundation – $350,000
  • Higher Heroes USA – $75,000
  • Homes for Our Troops – $50,000
  • Honoring America’s Warriors – $100,000
  • Hope for the Warriors – $65,000
  • Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund – $175,000
  • K-9s for Warriors – $50,000
  • Liberty House – $100,000
  • Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation – $1,100,000
  • Navy SEAL Foundation – $465,000
  • Navy Marine Corps Relief Society – $75,000
  • New England Wounded Veterans Inc. – $75,000
  • Operation Homefront – $65,000
  • Partners for Patriots – $100,000
  • Project for Patriots (currently being vetted, awaiting IRS 501(c)(3) letter) – $100,000
  • Puppy Chain Foundation – $100,000
  • Racing for Heroes Inc. – $200,000
  • Support Suland Soliers – $100,000
  • Taskforce Dagger Foundation – $50,000
  • The Mission Continues – $75,000
  • The National Millitary Family Association Inc. – $75,000
  • Veteran Airlift Command – $100,000
  • Veterans Count – $25,000
  • Veterans in Command Inc. – $150,000
  • Vietnam Veterans Workshop Inc. – $75,000
  • Warriors for Freedom Foundation – $50,000

Note: Wounded Warrior Project is not on the list.  Turns out that sitting on cash is not a favorable place to be in the non-profit world. (More on that another time.)

As a former non-profit development worker, this is impressive.  Major gifts this size just don’t fall out of the trees.  There are many more deserving veterans groups and it does sound like the Trump Foundation is awaiting additional funding to be able to get to some others. However, the fact remains that Trump, like A LOT of donors who wish to remain anonymous or keep their contributions quiet, was amazingly irritated that he couldn’t just do a good deed.  No, the mainstream media had to make an issue out of it.

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