Haunting Images From Hoboken Train Crash

Haunting Images From Hoboken Train Crash

On Thursday morning, a full commuter train crashed into the station at Hoboken, New Jersey, leaving at least three dead, over 100 injured, and possibly compromising the structural integrity of the train station itself.

A federal investigative team is on its way to the scene.  In the meantime, the passengers from the train documented the crash on social media in addition to professional photography.

NJ train 1

A passenger, Leon Offengenden, said he was in one of the sections behind the lead car when the crash happened.
“The front car is essentially off the rails … into the building of the station, with the roof sort of collapsed around it,” he said.

‘I guess it didn’t slow down’

“The lights went out and a few people screamed (when the crash happened),” Offengenden said.
A view from above.

NJ train 2

CNN producer Paul Murphy described a chaotic scene, with the arrival of first-responders from various New Jersey agencies, sirens blaring and nearby streets cordoned off.
“The main sound you hear now are sirens — sirens everywhere.”
“There’s only one option for people who don’t have a car to get out of Hoboken right now, and that’s the bus,” Murphy said. “The bus lines are very, very long and many people are on the phones with work, saying, ‘I’m not coming into work today or I’m going to work from home.'”

NJ Train 3

From The New York Times:

Jason Danahy was on the train, on the Pascack Valley line, that crashed on Thursday morning. He said the train was filled with commuters and pulling into the station when it abruptly came to a halt.

“From the fifth car, it felt like a major skid,” he said. “A creaking noise and a skid. I was lucky to be on the fifth car.”

When he got off the train, it was chaotic in the station.

“I saw bloody noses,” he said. “I saw people crying.”

NJ Train 4

Ben Fairclough, 35, said he was transferring at the station when he saw the derailed train, which was blocking part of the terminal.

“There were wires down, water pouring from the ceiling, the roof had collapsed, and there was people climbing out of windows of the train,” he said.

He said one person appeared to be unconscious on the ground. Others were bloody, he said.

“Cars drive into houses,” he said. “This was a train that drove into the terminal.”

NJ Train 5

“There are fatalities,” said a senior transportation official who did not want to be identified because he was not authorized to speak publicly. “There are a significant number of injuries. The train was going very fast. There are structural concerns about the facility.”

Injured passengers were transported to a local hospital.  The death toll is expected to rise.

NJ Train 6

From the Associated Press:

Linda Albelli, 62, said she was sitting in her seat in one of the rear cars when the train approached the station. She said she knew something was wrong a moment before the impact.

“I thought to myself, ‘Oh my god, he’s not slowing up, and this is where we’re usually stop,'” Albelli said. “‘We’re going too fast,’ and with that there was this tremendous crash.”

Passengers helped each other off the train and onto the platform. They ultimately had to cross the tracks to get to safety, she said: “When we got on the platform there was nowhere to go. The ceiling had come down.”

NJ Train 7

Train service in and out of Hoboken is suspended indefinitely.

More information as it becomes available.


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