Hannity: WHY We Cannot Defeat Radical Islam (Obama Messing With Us)

The aftermath of the Orlando shooting/act of terrorism Barack Obama and his fellow puppets have been busy not saying the words “radical Islam” and redacting important words and phrases from official transcripts.  For the most part, Americans – and the rest of the world – are seeing these lack of actions as a form of apologetics for the brutality that accompanies the followers of Islam where ever they seem to go.  Those with particular political leanings regularly expound on WHY we think this is so, using all sorts of public evidence.  Members of the class of journalists world-wide, however, do not seem to be interested in getting to the bottom of the question.

One exception to that rule seems to be Fox News’ Sean Hannity, who can be reasonable and get the best out of his guests when he puts his mind to it.  Last week he did with Dr. Sebastian Gorka, a man known to be an expert in” issues of national security, irregular warfare, terrorism and democratization.”  In an interview on June 16, Dr. Gorka outlines efforts of government that are overlapping, and causing a huge mess, confusion, and leading the public to not trust any government entity no matter who or what it is.  The interview is the first six and half minutes:

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In sum:

  • Most of the problems come from the Department of Justice and their political correctness.
  • The Syrian refugee situation is hugely dangerous since ISIS will infiltrate the ranks of people.
  • In order to defeat the enemy we need to identify it, and Obama is refusing to do so.
  • For leftists, Obama, and more, Obama and Christianity are always the problem.
  • Eventually, Omar Mateen, the shooter in Orlando will be made out to be the victim.

Dr. Gorka did not want to go into conspiracy theories (probably a wise move), but it does seem to be curious that the targets in the west are not actively and efficiently fighting back.

And then Hannity talked to DHS whistleblower Phil Haney in light of Barack Obama’s totally inappropriate and petulant statement last week.  If Haney’s story is accurate, the Obama Administration did material damage to the Department of Homeland Security’s ability to keep us safe, AND insulted professionals who did their best to gather information on the terror networks hiding behind mosques.  Whole databases outlining the network related to at least three of the attacks in the last couple years were deleted.  In American terms, that could could be considered treason.

The information presented in the Hannity interviews from June 16 may well go nowhere.  BUT, thanks to people paying attention again, and the unintended transparency of the left trying to institute gun control after every one of the shootings that have taken place for years, the explanations are definitely believable.

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