Hannity and Ingraham – Traitor Class Republicans Responsible For Clinton Lead

Hannity and Ingraham – Traitor Class Republicans Responsible For Clinton Lead

Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham discuss the situation with the media rigging the election and the fact that Republican traitors are refusing to support Mr. Trump. It’s a dangerous game they play, risking once again snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Ingraham has a list of the WikiLeaks revelations that she recommends the Republican politicians, each of them, grab a copy of and fan out across the nation, speaking to their constituents in support of Donald Trump. She predicts that if they were doing that rather than stabbing him in the back as they are now, he’d be up ten points.


Hannity agrees that it is stunning that Trump is only down by the small margin that he is, if those numbers are to be believed, given the amount of effort that has been expended on all fronts to sabotage his campaign and to put the reins of government into the hands of the criminal Democrats for four more years. If we can’t trust the media, why would we think polling companies would be any less corrupt?

Hannity calls out Paul Ryan in particular among the more vile members of the traitor class, suggesting that regardless of the outcome of the election, a serious discussion needs to take place in the days following the election as to who is the next Speaker. Ryan shouldn’t even be in Congress, let alone in that position.


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