Hands Off Johnson, No Questions About Open Borders, Treason


On the heels of House hearings into the serious issue of illegal alien murders, rape and other violent crimes against the American people which are facilitated by Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson and Hussein Obama, Johnson went on Fox News. He didn’t mention the hearings or his responsibility in flooding America with those who go on to commit heinous crimes against our citizens. He didn’t acknowledge the fact that border agents are under orders to release most of those who they apprehend with no order to appear. He also didn’t mention the fact that his agency is engaging in systematic intimidation of agents who dare to stand up for the Constitution and our country in the face of his and Hussein Obama’s campaign of tyranny against this nation.

He didn’t have to defend his abuses of power because he was never asked about them. Congress didn’t bother to invite the man responsible for our border chaos to explain himself and his assault on our nation. We certainly can’t expect this starry-eyed reporter to behave any differently.

Instead she asked the same non-confrontational, sanitized questions that are asked every time this traitor gets in front of a camera, with assumptions made that all is well at the “secure” border, and that this guy is doing his job. Unless you realize that his job is to weaken and destabilize the United States and subvert the people’s role in self-governance and self-determination, he’s a dismal failure. There is no way that his performance is consistent with the job description of one in his position or the oath of office under which he swore to protect and faithfully honor the Constitution. So why is he given a pass?

Johnson is like a candidate giving his stump speech, as the young, compliant talking head leads him into a question regarding the “ISIS threat online.” Computers in the hands of ISIS are primarily messaging tools and the threat is one of communicating with other bad people. The real issue is the hordes of bad people this regime is letting into our nation across the porous borders or importing through the completely bogus “refugee” process. She’s doesn’t ask about those issues, preferring to simply bob her head up and down as Johnson pops the lid on his canned tripe.

She asks “How do you keep us safe online from ISIS?” Johnson goes through his usual soft shoe, pitching the virtues of his “rewarding terrorists for not killing us” CVE program in which he and others go into Muslim communities and mosques, cozy up to Muslim extremists and offer them bribes in exchange for civilized behavior. Those bribes include the importation of more of their kind, the refugee program.

He’s been very involved in that, as have Hussein Obama and John Kerry. He touts his laughable efforts at providing security, as one who supposedly didn’t even know that Hillary Clinton had a private computer at the State Department with all of our secrets loaded onto it, when we are constantly being hacked by the Chinese and Iranians, when personnel information on government employees has been hacked and when he’s overseen a $5.7 billion computer system at DHS that still doesn’t work and will need another enormous cash infusion to try to salvage it.

He’s doing nothing of any value but the real threat that is created through cyber is that of triggering a physical act within the United States. That capacity among the ISIS terrorists and others has grown and continues to grow exponentially through the gaping holes in our border, a vulnerability created by Johnson. Communication is of little value without a trigger man or someone locally willing to strap a bomb on themselves. Johnson has made sure there is no shortage of available jihadis.

She closes by offering him another opportunity to deliver his canned, pro-Islam message that he made at the ADAMS Center mosque just a few days after the San Bernardino attack, the heart of his CVE program. It’s the claim that we can’t prevent the unnamed Islamic terrorism unless we engage Muslims as the front line in the fight and open our nation up to unlimited Islamic immigration.

He’s wrong, in the opinion of many who see things from the opposite perspective. That opening of America up to Muslims is precisely what created the situation we’re in. The Saudi mosque building frenzy has led to the radicalization and spread of the poison of Islamic terror being released into American society. Donald Trump is right, the problem is not us, it’s who we’re allowing in amongst us.

When asked the one relevant question, as to the increased influx of illegals from Central America, the reporter allows him to completely evade the issue with a response that “We’ve built additional capability over the last two years, on the southwest border, more surveillance, more resources, more people.”

It’s not true, and much of what does exist is not functioning any better than his computer system or is inadequately manned in strategic high traffic areas. It’s by design, so that the traffic can get through. He also creates the impression by mentioning interior enforcement that those illegals are being deported. They’re not; most are simply being released into the population of the United States where they remain as virtual citizens, free to go on to commit crimes against the American people.

He states that DHS is sending people back to Central America at rates of “16 to 15 flights a week.” There’s no word as to how big those planes are or how many illegals are on them. An assumption that they are fully loaded jumbo jets would surely be overly generous and exactly the impression he’s trying to create.

Johnson goes on to state that he is not aware of any imminent material threat on the United States at the present time, echoing the assurances of both himself and Hussein Obama in the days prior to the Paris and San Bernardino attacks.

He’s not aware alright, he’s got no clue. Maybe he’ll get lucky this time.

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