The Great Satan Has Made Kaepernick Filthy Rich As He Suffers Under Its Oppression


As one who had grown weary of wasting large portions of my life sitting in front of a screen watching others play games of any kind, I simply stopped. It was particularly distasteful finding myself cheering and elevating morally bankrupt individuals with whom I have stark differences simply because of the color of their shirt or their geographic location. Endorsing someone should include the content of their character in sports, just like in any aspect of the entertainment world or life.

I don’t watch Leonardo DiCaprio, George Clooney, or Robert De Niro movies even when they’re on free TV and darn sure don’t support them at a theater or video sales. The same is true with the NFL and NBA; there’s too many entitled liberal big mouths and racists being empowered for me to be comfortable as one of their enablers. They’re the kind of people who have made the remote control one of the greatest inventions of all time.

While I’m not familiar with the “sports heroes” of today, one thing all Americans have become well acquainted with during that same period of time is Islamic terrorism. In an article last week, the morning following Colin Kaepernick exposing his hatred of the United States,  this writer asked if his actions were solely based upon his own racism or if they were the result of a combination of Kaepernick’s racism combined with an ideological hatred for the “Great Satan.”

Those who say that profiling doesn’t work are fools or liars. I had no knowledge of who this guy is other than a heavily tattooed football player with an ego that rivals that of Hussein Obama. It was apparent from looking at him that he was likely an Islamist and that it could have played a role in his hatred and insulting speech directed at my country. Now comes the validation.

According to an article in Conservative Daily Post which also ran on Infowars, Kaepernick doesn’t just look like Osama Bin Laden, he shares the same ideology. He converted to Islam last month, during training camp and is engaged to an America-hating communist Black Lives Matter agitator named Ness Diab. She also is a radical Islamist but one more enlightened than those who adjust to American society. She believes in and practices “authentic Islam.” We can presume her transition to burqa-wearing cattle-woman hybrid is imminent.

Theirs will be a traditional wedding, we are told, which would apparently mean the man of principle won’t be allowed to have a pre-nuptial agreement. He needn’t worry, Islam is a religion of peace and Black Lives Matter is all about blacks loving each other, hating whitey and targeting cops. Nothing could possibly go wrong with their relationship. It’s unfortunate that his $20 million dollar per year part-time job doesn’t permit him to leave this horrible country where he and his soon to become very rich fiancé suffer in such oppression.

Kaepernick is of mixed black and white parentage and was raised by a white family. That’s quite similar to the Obama story we’ve been fed for the last decade or so, with a similar result. Both are resentful and full of hatred towards the white people who raised them and their nation. Both have huge egos and overly grand opinions of themselves. Neither is worthy of being an American although Kaepernick was born here, apparently, making him an American citizen, so the similarities end there.

This guy is proof that profiling works. Surely I’m not the only layman who could spot him for who he is from hundreds of miles away based upon a cursory use of the factors that are used in profiling. It works; Kaepernick just provided more proof and professionals can achieve much more impressive results.

On the humanitarian side of the issue, the San Francisco Forty-Niners need to find the fortitude to answer Kaepernick’s cry for help. They should cut this ungrateful piece of crap from their roster and set him free to leave this horrible place along with his butt-hurt fiancé. Give them the chance to go where things are perfect, where all things are equal and nobody is oppressed.

Cuba is calling, Kaepernick and your fellow America hating comrade has just opened up diplomatic relations. Book a flight, get out of here as fast as possible. Please, Mr. Man of Principle, answer that call.

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