Gowdy Asks Outlaw Feds For Details Of Sanctuary City Non-Enforcement


On Tuesday, September 27, the House Immigration And Border Security Subcommittee met for a hearing into sanctuary city policy, focused on New Orleans, LA. Panelists included New Orleans officials as well as those involved in creating the policies of circumvention of immigration enforcement, Vanita Gupta of the DOJ “Civil Rights” division and Zach Butterworth, the Executive Counsel and Director of Federal Affairs New Orleans, LA, Office of the Mayor. Yes the mayor’s office seems to have picked up a tick or two on their last trip outdoors.

Rep Trey Gowdy leads off his questioning of Butterworth by asking him what the penalty is for crossing a border unlawfully. Not quite as slippery as his name would indicate, he attempts to evade answering but is given a rephrased question by the Congressman. Gowdy says, “Let’s try it this way. Who has exclusive jurisdiction over immigration cases?” Since immigration is a federal matter, Gowdy’s giving him the answer in the question. A five-year-old could figure that one out, a federal employee should have at least a fifty-fifty shot.

Butterworth beats the odds and sort of guesses correctly, citing two agencies as possibilities. Building on that framework and the fact that most of our interactions with law enforcement involve local officials, he asks how a federal officer could be expected to know about “folks who are not here lawfully.”

gowdy hearing

The snarky little boy sitting at the grown up table tells Rep Gowdy that he think “that if Congress passed a law that commandeered every local police officer and wanted to pay for that, then I think we would welcome it.” Of course a regime attempting to create a national police force that replaces the local entities would be happy to have that outcome. Gowdy gives little Mr. Bigmouth a lesson in choosing his words properly, taking exception to the word commandeer and asking what is wrong with cooperation.

He cites a federal policy that says, “New Orleans Police Officers shall not make inquiries into an individual’s immigration status. What do you mean by inquiries?” He works his way down to the kernel of the policy which is an admission that the feds don’t ask about immigration status. Gowdy asks, “How are the federal law enforcement officers supposed to know who is here unlawfully if your officers don’t inquire?” He points out that they aren’t the ones interacting with citizens through routine matters such as traffic stops and domestic violence calls.

He asks Loretta Lynch’s left hand, open borders agitator and former ACLU director Vanita Gupta, in a hypothetical situation following a homicide by an illegal alien, “What is the explanation for why the person wasn’t dealt with before the murder?” She blathers out the same drivel about being able to get information from illegals that we’ve been hearing for over a decade. He dismisses as invalid her contention that you have to provide amnesty in order to gain information.

He’s been fighting this lawless regime with nothing of any significance accomplished and seems to be growing weary of their dishonesty. Not weary enough to file articles of impeachment, but had enough of their abuses and no longer willing to pretend that the criminals have legitimate and honorable intentions.

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