Gov Huckabee Agrees With Trump Dishonest NY Times


Donald Trump tells things straight. It’s a fact that people have a hard time accepting, given the lying and half-truths that usually come out of politicians’ mouths. When he said the New York Times was dishonest and fabricating non-existent interviews and sources, he meant it and it was the truth as he sees it. Maybe people should listen and accept that he’s not the lying, corrupt manipulator that they are familiar with and accustomed to dealing with in Clinton and Obama. When he’s speaking he’s saying what he truly believes about the subject. 

The New York Times has a sort of credibility and reputation for integrity that they are clearly undeserving of. They are quickly undermining what remains of that false perception, as Mike Huckabee explains in this interview with Fox and Friends.

He’s asked in response to information which is, in part, supposed to have originated with Governor Huckabee, which describes the Trump campaign as sputtering. The normally even tempered Huckabee seems to be fuming as he says, “I was with Donald Trump on the campaign trail several days this past week, and if it wasn’t so tragic and really indicative of the death of any semblance of journalism it would be funny; because this article, and I love the fact that it was based on unnamed sources.”

Huckabee asks, “Well why don’t you name the sources? If this is such a true story, it is consequential and significant. So stand up and have the guts to tell us who you are, unnamed sources. And if you don’t, then shut the heck up. I mean, let me just tell you. This story is absolute fabrication; it is not true. And I say that from firsthand experience of being at Donald Trump’s side over a several day period.”

“Let me tell you a couple of things,” says Huckabee. “Number one, people half his age can’t keep up with him. This man is a machine. From early morning until way past midnight he is nonstop, speaking, doing interviews, talking to his staff. And when I read that article I said, ‘who are they talking about? Not the guy I’ve been with the last few days, that’s for sure.’”

Huckabee says that rather than playing a constant game of gotcha we should all be grateful that Trump is willing to talk to the press, noting the stark contrast with Trump’s accessibility to that of Hillary Clinton and her immediate gaffes such as her short-circuiting and talking past Chris Wallace comments when she ventures out and actually goes off script.

He’s asked about Trump’s threat to take away the press credentials of the New York Times, to which he replies, “Why did the New York Times have any credentials at all? I mean, where do they get credentials, for what? If they make up stories out of thin air with sources they won’t name, I’m just being honest, why should they even have credentials, for what?”

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