GOTCHA! Illegals Caught At The Border, Where They Are From Will Surprise You

In the last few years of the Obama Administration, the reality that the United States is being invaded – specifically through the southern border where there isn’t much of an actual fence, wall or barrier for hundreds of miles – became a painful reminder of the current regime’s duplicitousness.  They were actually ENCOURAGING people living south of the border to send their children on a dangerous trek to the United States to claim asylum.

Traditionally, we Americans think of the people braving the desert and the Rio Grande as being Mexicans.  According to new statistics from the U.S. Border Patrol, less than half of the 264,165 people nabbed at the border crossing illegally in the first six months of 2016 were Mexican.  From the San Diego Union Tribune:

  • 1. Mexico, 131,138
  • 2. Guatemala 45,604
  • 3. El Salvador 44,574
  • 4. Honduras 30,585
  • 5. India 2,867
  • 6. Brazil 1,841
  • 7. Equador 1,770
  • 8. China 1,498
  • 9. Romania 1,307
  • 10. Nicaragua 730

Some of those people definitely took the long way to the USA.  India, Brazil and Romania, for example.  This is not the normal route of illegal immigration from China, but yet the Border Patrol is still catching people from there coming across the border.  However, it does demonstrate that the nation is still some sort of a lodestone for the people of the world.

It also demonstrates that far from not needing any barrier at the southern border, with hundreds of thousands of people being captured, some sort of fence or wall is essential.  The Border Patrol has been begging for years.  The money is never adequately appropriated from Congress, even during the Bush years.

Throughout the 2016 election year, the mantra that helped propel the Republican Party’s presumptive candidate, anyway, to that position, was the promise to build a wall at the southern border.  It may end up being more of a fence than a wall, but some barrier is needed.  At the rate illegals are being captured – and this is just a fraction of the people entering the country illegally – a wall would help stop the invasion.

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