Gorka Says Obama Treasonous Doctoring Intelligence While America At War


Donald Trump finds it unacceptable that ISIS is on the march, expanding now to a presence in 28 countries, and the official Obama response is “I don’t like Donald Trump’s tone.” Mike Huckabee notes that a GOP Congressional report has been issued documenting the fact that the Obama regime has been distorting and manipulating intelligence data in order to paint a picture that matches their narrative of success.

He quotes Congressman Mike Pompeo (R-KS) stating that the goal of the intelligence distortion was, “Tell a story that ISIS was the JV and that we had al-Qaeda on the run.” Against that backdrop Huckabee asks Gen. Anthony Tata, “This seems to be an incredible report that shows that intelligence data was cooked for the express purpose of politicizing and making things seem better than they really were.”

General Tata describe it as the tip of the iceberg, that he has credible sources on the inside that tell him that someone from the office of the Director of National Intelligence who frequently meets with the ‘president’ directed a senior official in Central Command to quit producing products of record, as they’re called, that showed negative intelligence that did not fit the narrative of the Obama administration.”

He says, “So what you have here is a directive from the administration to cook the books. It’s not within Central Command alone, and so you get this clashing.” Tata says, “You have Majors and Lt Cols and Sergeants who just want to do the right thing for their country and aren’t worried about their report cards that clashes now with the directed narrative and they’re told not to produce anything that doesn’t fit the junior varsity narrative that the ‘president’ is putting out.”

He adds, “And you have people that are being reprised against, that are being retaliated against, to this day, this retaliation is still going on.” His sources tell him it goes all the way to the top. Of course it does, the criminality and pandering to Islamic terrorism are the legacy of Hussein Obama, why would anyone expect it stopped short of or didn’t originate with him? He went so far, according to Gen Tata to tell people if they had bad news, deliver it over the telephone and not to put anything of that nature in written form, on the record.

 Dr. Sebastian Gorka gives his assessment in clear, unambiguous terms. Gorka says, “This act of willfully distorting and playing down the intelligence assessments when America is at war is tantamount to being a treasonous act. If during World War ll, somebody had been ordering our intelligence community to water down the assessments of what the Japanese were doing or what Hitler was doing, if that person were found out, they could have been court -martialed, and they could have been executed. This is political interference in the intelligence cycle. It is absolutely outrageous and it will endanger American lives.”

Huckabee is angry, closing out the segment saying, “Soldiers and intelligence officers, who everyday risk their lives, essentially were being told to simply make up a fairy tale, create a narrative, because the truth was not good for the politics of this  administration. If every American isn’t angry by that I don’t know what could make them mad.”

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