GOP Elites Declare War Against Their Most Important Allies

GOP Elites Declare War

GOP Elites Declare War Against Their Most Important Allies

GOP Elites Declare War Noting that Donald Trump and we Americans are engaged in a multi-front war, he cited Trump’s comments not only in referencing the criminal Democrat as being unfit for office but “also declared Republican leaders as far more difficult than Clinton because of their weakness and their disloyalty to Republican voters and the Republican nominee.

Dobbs noted that the number of Republican voters who said that GOP Congressional candidates should support Mr. Trump rose from 67% before the debate to 74% after. And these numbers are as he faces the tsunami of criticism unleashed by the mainstream Clinton propagandists.


Mr. Dobbs says, “Yet Speaker Ryan and dozens of GOP lawmakers are at war now with Republican voters, and make no mistake, it is an open war between those GOP elites and the rank and file of their party because they are the ones who nominated Donald Trump.”

“Ryan in particular,” says Dobbs, “seems to be in the death grip of morbid envy and petulance towards his party’s presidential nominee, and supporters and of course, voters. The latest Fox News poll shows seventy percent of Trump backers strongly support him compared to 57 percent for Clinton.”

“Trump is the leader to turn this country around,” Dobbs says, “to restore prosperity, to build a better future for all Americans. He is about the future and Hillary Clinton is simply a continuation of the status quo.”

He points out, “The GOP establishment is scared to death that Trump’s election would mean the end of their status quo and they’re right. And sadly, their interests don’t align with the nation’s or those of the American people. Trump is on the right side of history in this campaign and voters should ensure that the elites are history.

Unfortunately we’ll have to wait two years to remove Ryan from his position as a Representative in the House but we do not have to wait to replace him as Speaker. Maybe he’ll figure that out on his own when Mr. Trump is elected, save himself more embarrassment.

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