GOP Elite Resigned? 5 Reasons They Ain’t Going To Stop Trump

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a rally at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa, Saturday, Jan. 9, 2016. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a rally at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa, Saturday, Jan. 9, 2016. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a rally at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa, Saturday, Jan. 9, 2016. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

There are signs of it all over the media, both mainstream and alternative: the Republican establishment is starting to see the dawn of a post-political machine era.  The big boys of the old way of doing things are throwing in the towel, and are trying to figure out how it is that Donald Trump is sitting atop all these polls with no experience, no ground game, and none of them working for him.

For those who are under the “But, but, no votes have been cast” incense cloud, uh, it’s time to put the fire out.  There’s some aspects to Donald Trump’s rise to the top of the heap that the establishment sorts just don’t want to admit got him there, and there’s not a darn thing they can do about it.

Name Recognition – One of the biggest complaints heard from the anti-Trumpers is that he isn’t spending any money to get his name out in front of voters or his message.  They also say he can’t do much without a ground game.  This writer will argue that he doesn’t need one and he knows it.  The reason for this is very simple. Donald Trump, love him or not, is a household name.  Right next to Hillary Clinton, that is a HUGE advantage.

The Liberace Effect – This concept is less the idea that the man is a flamboyant, shallow blowhard than Trump, like Liberace, is a savvy salesman under the veneer of the flamboyant, shallow blowhard.  Contrary to popular belief, Walter Liberace was actually a competent musician.  His problem was that he was a classical pianist. Those of us who are classical musicians know what that means: get a good agent, find another way to make money or starve.  In order to make money, Liberace set himself up to appeal to the women of the Valley who had television anteneas.  Trump’s message is “Make America Great Again,” an applied psychology slogan appealing to both the past when the U.S. obviously led the world in many ways and the future when we can reclaim this glory.  No other candidate has this.  It is blatantly populist, and that trumps conservatism in its purest form.

More Americans Are on the White Trash Side than Sophisticated – George Will, actually, was the one to give away the game on this when he said that Mr. Trump was an affront to conservative intellectualism.  Those of us outside of the beltway who are forced to interact with people of all kinds of different socio-economic strata will be the first to whisper behind a hand, “Uh, George, intellectual conservatives are not the norm.  Most Americans, conservative or not, don’t give a rat’s backside about being intellectual.”  Trying to appear to be a New York salon member while invoking William F. Buckley doesn’t play well out in the boondocks.  Telling someone “YOU’RE FIRED!” does.

Not Quite Ivy League, But He Made A Lot More Money – One of the highlights of presidential candidate vetting is finding out where just about everybody went to college.  Like all the rest of the field, Donald Trump went to some pretty big named schools.  Graduated, too.  (Wharton School of Business isn’t for sissies.)  The difference is that The Donald made a fortune all on his own despite the political class setting things up for their own benefit.  Yes, he used their tricks and traps to make some of this money, but the aversion to Trump from the majority of the establishment should tell us all one thing about him – he’s not one of them.  He’s a smart guy who figured out their game and played it to his own advantage.

Appeals to the Middle, Not the Fringes – In the past couple weeks, polls have come out giving a better picture of who Donald Trump’s supporters are.  Disaffected Democrats, and independent voters make up quite a bit of that national lead the man is sporting.  Those are the people the Republican establishment have been chasing since Ronald Reagan left office.  They may live as social and economic conservatives, but don’t always vote that way.  These are the people who will come out to for FOR someone as opposed to voting against the worse of two choices.  If Trump inspires with his “make America great again” message, this is the group that will get him elected.  (In addition, there are those who will touch the screen for him in the confessional that serves as a voting booth (only the voter and God know what happens in there) who are not giving away that he has their support at this point.)  Republicans who expect to be courted, like the Evangelicals, are most definitely in a minority in comparison.

Republican strategist Alex Castellanos says that he thinks the time has passed when the GOP could stop Donald Trump, and Ted Cruz, for that matter.  Newt Gingrich told Greta Van Susternan that the GOP was going to have to support The Donald if he won the nomination.  No votes have been cast, but really, there are no other candidates with the name recognition, and appeal to the wide open middle class, middle of the road voter who has no use for intellectualism to be able to override George Soros’ crooked touch screen voting machines.

Donald Trump is not a lot of people’s first choice, but he does know how to get things done, he is a passionate American, he is VERY smart and can handle a steep learning curve that walking into the foreign policy quagmire is going to require of the next president, he knows how to delegate, there are few stories about him telling of malicious character faults if any (just the opposite)…we could do worse.  

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